Leinster SFC Final 2019: Dublin v Meath, Sunday June 23rd, Croke Park, 4pm

Two weeks to go and plenty of time for the armchair supporters to awaken from their Hibernation to scream aloud their demands for the best tickets in the house as Dublin take on the old enemy once again.

Can Meath cause us problems?

Will Rock return?

Will the crowd exceed 50,000?

Will Brogan, O’Gara and others get a run late on if we are winning?

Will Cooper be back?

And eh…Any spares? :smile:


I like the way Jim is just easing ROC back into the team . What I wonder is , will he eventually win a starting spot . But you’d hope he might see more minutes in the Leinster final . Maybe the thinking is he will be starting in the latter stages of the championship .

Think this will be a decent test before the Super 8s.

McEntee has put his stamp on this Meath side and they’ve improved (also been very lucky) considerably this year.

We’re a different animal to anything they’ve faced but the old rivalry should drum up decent interest from the paying public.

That Conlon fella looked excellent for Meath yesterday, not as good as Mannion mind

Hope we hammer these fucks and send them back up the N2 and N3 with their tails between their legs


I still have a Meath clown in my workplace who replies “Five past Cluxton” if anyone asks him the time.

Time to put that to bed!

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True, each game has been a little step up and this will be a nice test before the Super 8’s.

After all the AI’s that Clucko has won since. What a sad fùck :rofl:


Meath have a core of very good players – Menton, Newman, Cillian O’Sullivan, Keoghan and McMahon. They also have a fair bit of pace and will likely run at us so it will be interesting to see how we deal with that. They played ok yesterday but Laois were limited especially in defence. Wee James Conlon ran amok but I can’t see him repeating it against us – though I wouldn’t like to see any one on ones in our defence with Conlon or Newman. Menton is scoring plenty of goals from midfield and is a strong runner but won’t stroll through the middle as he did v Carlow and Laois. O’Sullivan is very pacey too and will need shackling – a job for John Small perhaps. Keoghan is very good at 6 and they push him up to CF too.

But I am not convinced by the Meath defence. Laois should have had 2/3 goals yesterday. Also their conditioning is not in the same parish as ours. It could be interesting for longer than most Leinster games and if they get a goal or two then echoes of 2010 may sound but we should have more than enough to see them off.

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But sure we beat them in three finals in a row since that - the last one being a 16 point mauling.

ha I’m looking forward to this though I would take the meath lads any day over Kildare. They know whats coming in the Leisnter final, they just wan their team to put it up to us and give it everything, and hey that’s what we want as well. Gas sitting amongst the three sets of supporters yesterday, the worse was Kildare. They never shut the ■■■■ up in how they are sinned against.

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Conlon looked very lively yesterday, could see Jim bringing in Murchan at 4 to do a job here

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I agree I always found the Meath supporters generally a good bunch unlike Kildare who in my opinion are the worst in the country I’ve no time at all for them
Think the dubs at minus 12 in the handicap at evens is a good bet can’t see Meath being any better than Kildare

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The thing is that it is a massive game for them and with no disrespect meant, a lot of Meath people think they are a lot better than they are. I’m confident we will win but I’ll take a win of any sort.

Hill 16 Tickets on sale already…


Presume the game is 4pm ? The GAA site has the Ulster Final down for 2pm.

As per usual I would’nt bet on it! TV will have the final say

Rte are showing both and they appear as follows on their site, which would lead me to suspect we’re on at 4pm


What kind of crowd do we expect? I really think Meath are way ahead of Kildare, Laois and all, and Andy McEntee will make them believe at least that they can go close. I’d say 50,000+ at the game if weather is decent

For what its worth a poor Meath team is better than your average Kildare team , they don’t wear white for no reason.
We have beaten Meath comfortably in recent seasons but I can count on one hand the amount of times they yellow bellied , tend to be made of sterner stuff than Kildare , lets hope so as we could do with a game


Hopefully enough for the GAA to open the upper tiers in Croker. I much prefer the view from up there.