Leinster SFC Final, Dublin vs Meath, Croke Park, Saturday 21st November @ 7PM

I reckon this should be a good test, better than last years final anyway but a huge step up for Meath.

I’d imagine we’ll see a commemorative jersey announced over the coming days.

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It definitely should be a good test. Despite being relegated , Meath performed quite well in the league. They played well against us and followed that with a hard earned draw against Monaghan. Against weak opposition they have scored a lot of goals in their recent 2 championship outings. It all adds up and they are sure to be full of confidence that they can at least put it up to us on Saturday evening. Having said all that, I think they they will need to score goals , and perhaps three or more ,to really put it up to us. Very doubtful if they can manage to do that, despite the fact that our backs have been looking less than convincing at times

Meath see this as a great opportunity given all the unusual circumstances of 2020 and I think it will be a close game. Watched a lot of Morris all the way up underage and he’s a natural scorer so he will punish any complacency/errors in our backline. Their S&C has hugely improved over the last couple of years and from chatting to people they are quietly confident of giving it a good rattle

This makes me happy, they’ll be extra devastated when we beat them by 10+ again.


A good tough game where we execute our game plan would be very nice prep for a semi final.

In last years Leinster Final. Meath threw everything into the first half, hit us as hard as they could physically. The problem for them is that they couldn’t score at all - even their free taker had a nightmare.
Their challenge faded both physically and mentally in the second half and we we ran away with the match conceding just 4 points…Despite that, they still made the super 8’s and showed pretty well in the games

It’s fair to say, Meath have come on a good bit and will be in the game a lot longer. They must have plenty of belief that they will score goals against us with the amount they have scored recently.

There must be some other Meath I’ve been watching than the one talked about here.

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What position does Lahiff play for Judes?

I wouldn’t be too worried about Meath & their 12 recent goals. Only 2/3 were actually good, the rest were absolutely awful from a defensive point of view, we won’t be that bad at the back!

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It nags at me that Meath scored 7 or so goals in two matches against poor opposition, while we played two matches against poor opposition and only scored 2. And Kildare are, amazingly, probably superior to either of the two teams we beat.

Obviously I know we’ll win.

But the fact that we have any concerns whatsoever about playing a limited, recently demoted Meath team, makes me very nervous about Donegal in the semi.

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i hope we gain revenge for 2010 once more, but whenever i hear that counties name I still cannot do so without hearing “free for…” after that league game. we could see a reply of the all ireland replay in terms of fees :roll_eyes:

I think Lostcause mentioned wing back as his preferred position, or at least where he has played most of his club football.

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Commemorating the rivalry with Meath?

Or maybe Bloody Sunday?

Just got the chance to listen to the podcast between Keith Barr n Tomas best hour I’ve spent in months hilarious with some thought provoking points raised by Barr
FairPlay to Tomas let’s his guest do the talking absolutely quality

Among other considerations, I’m sure many of us will be hoping for a return to form of a few of our key players. It’s at that stage now where we need all the players near or at their peak in form.

Was Cian O Sullivan there against laois ? if we get to the semi , wouldnt expect him to start but his experience could be very important if things were tight in the last 15/20 mins

I cant see Cian starting this year. But for sure to bring in with 20 mins to go. A calm experienced head.

if he dosent get a run at all that’ll probably be the end of him for the dubs along with a couple of others, hopefully he play some part this year along with kev mc , mdma, kev did play already another great option for the last 20

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For sure. They all have a massive role to play. Now look Cian could start, injuries or covid might depict that.