Leinster SFC Final, Dublin vs Meath, Croke Park, Saturday 21st November @ 7PM

We’ll see what meath throw at us in the first half , and then come out in the 2nd a do a mayo demolition job on them. them 5 goals they put past us still hurts

Same position everyone plays for Judes ??


I dont even think of the five goal game and it certainly doesnt hurt now it was a blip we proved that , the four game saga 1991 left more of a scar than that once off ever did


Not on 26, no. Was for Westmeath game.

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of course the 91 saga left a scar but meath puttin 5 past cluxton hurts and then score’n a try to rob louth of a leinster title . havin said that i cant imagine Cluxton forgets it and wouldnt be too happy to go through it again. Blip or no blip

Not saying it shouldn’t hurt for you , your memories your entitlement to feel whatever way you like.
For me i see it differently , had that Meath team gone on to actually do something in the game maybe it would hurt but they did nothing achieved nothing bar the rugby final v Louth

Great podcast that by O’Se, as you say he just lets the guests talk away, and boy can Barr talk.

i wouldnt dispute that, they’ve done ■■■■ all since and are on the up and we could do with a good battle in leinster , but i never want the fuckers to beat us

I had to kill time was in the car waiting to collect someone , got there early , must have looked some sight as I remember roaring my head off at times.
A couple of things on a serious note I remember
The genuine respect Barr gives and receives from Tomas and Kerry players in general
His absolute beliefe that the majority of that team could play today
Players are over trained today
I dont think Ive ever heard a player describe their career using the term fun/craic as much , for a serious player on the pitch he was a funny nutcase off it
His absolute beliefe that the best team always wins the all ireland , no feeling sorry for himself on the near misses

I remember a strangely philosophical view around Dublin fans after that game, not too many I encountered were overly down hearted by it. It seemed to have been put down to a systems failure more then anything else. As it turns out that was the correct view as we ended up going deeper into the championship then Meath.

But this time, frankly I don’t want tests of anything like that. I want to win as comfortably as possible. The thing about a ‘test’ is that you never know if it is because your team played badly or the other team played well.

So far in the first two games we have been dominant throughout games. If the game was split into 10 minute sections we were the dominant team for every one of those. That isn’t really how it has been, in lots of games we blitz 20 minutes but can break even over a lot of the rest of it.

With the exception of Mannion and Howard who are only just working their way back, all of our big players are playing to form, Kilkenny is maybe better then I have ever seen him. The guys who are minding (or not!) the places of Mannion and Howard are doing very well also. We are in as good a place as we can be (bar having Connelly and McCaffery on the bench).

I haven’t been this confident about winning an All Ireland since 2014!


If this is to be their last year then hopefully they’ll finish their careers with 8 ai medals. Equalling Spillane, Páidí etc.
This is another nightmare scenario for Kerry folk. Their “only 5 players have 8ai medals” boast is under imminent threat.
All they’ll have left soon is most ai wins…for now!


hopefully Cluxton and Jimmy Mc at least will stick around and break that record. That’ll soften spillane’s cough


Yeah, great interview. Thought Tomas was going to choke laughing at Barrs assertion that forwards would be defenders if they had the balls for it!

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Yeah but were not that bad that theyd have us as corner backs :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well last time we lost in Leinster we conceded 5 goals. And they’ve just scored another 5. The only way we could lose is some outrageous scenario where they score a few goals. We’ve been warned thankfully.

I will say fair play to Pat Gilroy after that defeat. He persisted with Fitzsimons, ROC and Philly for rest of season in 2010. Another manager would have dropped one or two. Them three finished as full back line in 2011 final.

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Wing back but that could be Jude’s seniors getting it wrong too

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I’ve been worried about Donegal for a long while. I always thought they’d come out of Ulster this year and I think we have Kerry and Mayo’s number at the minute. Donegal have the combination of speed, strength, skills and “we’ve beaten these lads before”. The last one of those is something Kerry and Mayo* don’t have.

*bar the 2012 semi-final after we spent a year celebrating.

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the we beat these lads before though in 16 and 18 handily enough.

Donegal haven’t made it as far as an AI Semi final since 2014.

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