Leinster SFC QF 2016, Dublin v Laois, Nowlan Pk, Kilkenny, Sat June 4th @ 7pm

So the GAA have finally gotten up off their arse and given us an away game in the footballing stronghold that is Kilkenny!

This should be fun if nothing else to educate the locals on all things big ball :smiley:

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Would laugh if Wicklah bate Laois after all the kerfuffle about the venue.

I presume tickets for this will go on sale tomorrow or Monday, so long as there isn’t a draw this evening?

No earlier than Monday.

Amazing to think there’s so much interest in a bloodbath that’s also going to be on TV.

I guess the Romans knew what they were at when they built the Coliseum :smiley:

Bloodbath is putting it mildly, wonder what the spread will be 15-20 pts possibly.

The Lemons have some good players, a few playing in Dublin too, they should be better than their current standing. But i’d agree, from the outset the novelty will be the change of venue. Even a half baked Dublin performance should be enough here. I hope its competitive and not the ‘bloodbath’ many expect.

I’m looking forward to it all the same. Kilkenny is a great spot for a game. If we get decent weather there will be some atmosphere around the town.

Vincents beat a full Wicklow team by four points a couple of weeks ago.

Dublin will win this one as they please.

Between the bank holiday, the Cat Laughs and the fact that this won’t be a game I’m leaning towards TV.

You’ve forgot to factor in that all our success is built on playing all matches in Dubs Park.

Cat laughs on that weekend also so think GAA having a joke with the venue. No room in the inns either so no overnight.

I see the Laois manager is already giving out shite because the game is not in Portlaoise!

Only making a fool of himself. Ciaran Whelan doing himself no favours on the Sunday Game. Promoting a round robin within Leinster as some kind of panacea for its ills. Time to call these counties out on their catastrophic failures. What is happening, especially in Meath, Kildare and Laois is disgraceful.

This is why I don’t bother with pundits. Same old same old. It’s the “GAA’s” i.e. Croke Park’s fault. If Croke Park are at fault at all it’s for not going to town on these underachievers.

In fairness to Whelan I thought the point he was making was that if they won’t scrap the provincial championships then at least having around robin for the weaker teams would give them a few games. I thought he definitively favoured scalping the provincial championships as his first choice, but realised it will never happen.

It should be remembered with tickets going on sale tomorrow that there is only one terrace. With PP holders getting some of them… They should sell out quickly.

Anyone any idea how and when Parnell Pass holders get their tickets for this game?

Have accom booked months, tickets for a gig on the Friday night and tickets for the game bought today. Might as well make a weekend of it. Hopefully the weather is decent and Gavin gives a few lads a run out.

Tickets now on general sale http://dublingaa.tickets.ie/

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tickets only 10 euro for the terrace, good deal, this match was fixed since last October, loads of Dubs got on then and booked.

Will be some session.

What’s the parking situation like down there , where would be a good place to park ?

I seen a tweet from the county board this morning saying all pp pass holders can get their tickets on the tuesday before the game.