Leinster SFC QF 2017, Dublin v Carlow, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sat June 3rd, 7pm (Live Sky Sports)

Can it be 100% clarified please from anyone, can you train with the team?

That’s a bit of a joke if you cant.

Id say he will, nothing will be said, not many leaks come out of the Dublin camp, if he cant then he should retire.

No he can not train with the team. Faces a longer suspension if caught - no doubt the county / club would be in trouble too.

Can his lesser known identical twin brother train with the team?

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That’s uninforcable IMO , would like to see GAA try to police that , even Martin breheny who is no fan of this team ,said so in his article yesterday.

May be, but would either club or county be willing to take the chance of being caught?

■■■■ Breheny for a start. Outdated relic who adds zero to any debate ever. Thankfully being made irrelevant by a younger more informed cohort of journalists in paper and other media.

In regards circumventing a training ban, perhaps it’s unenforceable but let’s not even contemplate it. We’ve a brilliant football team, let’s not turn into a pack of whiny ■■■■■.

I look forward to seeing how the team adapt to this, I expect to see Con start from here on and Jack Mc possibly in the half forwards. Kerry are in pole position now. We are going for 3 in a row, and are a team with something to prove. Mayo might be overtaken by a young Donegal side as the next best contender. Add Tyrone to the mix, and a rejuvenated Kikdare and Meath. This should be a great summer.

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:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

like ewan McKenna…younger not always better !!!

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We have young lads who were brilliant underage and didn’t get to the next level. Already questions are being asked about Con, McHugh etc even on here yet some assume that other county’s young lads will just step up. Donegal young lads are totally unproven at C’ship level. It would be pretty unusual for all those guys to make the transition overnight. Don’t see it myself and don’t expect them to have a huge impact … though they may give Tyrone

Being honest I don’t think it is about accepting the decion or not, it is not about whether Connolly is guilty or not, it is not about blue tinted glasses. IMO it is about the total lack of transperancy in the process. This case basically means that no player knows if he is likely to be called in or not, because the officials can change their tune whenever they want over an incident, it is not a Dublin thing, it is a precedent in the GAA

Mick Foley.

Kieran Cunningham.

Mick Quirke.

Oisin McConville.

Jim McGuinness.

Tomas O’Se.

And not to be ageist, Sean Moran.

Various tactical analysis blogs like Don’t Foul, O’Meara, the guy on 42 etc.

I’m sure there are others. Evidence based and rooted in reason and logic. Thankfully the day of some old fart giving his opinion based on whatever mood he is in is nearly over.


To me THIS is the biggest travesty of all of this debacle. All of the above focusing on 12 weeks this and 12 weeks that…a 12 week (3 game) ban for what he did (ignoring the fact that the ref and lino were WRONG to not issue a straight red at the time) is perfectly reasonable IMO. He did push an official. This cannot be argued.

In what other sport are lads who are suspended not ALLOWED train with their team??

Firstly, it makes a 12 week ban into, i dunno, a 15-17 week ban…by the time you get back to fitness etc and properly ready to play.

Secondly, in terms of player safety, IC footballers (and Dermo in particular) are finely tuned machines. I would question the player safety aspect of prohibiting a lad like that from training for 12 weeks, and then him being asked to come back quicker than would be advisable (say for a semi final). Do these rule makers not know the level of prehab work that these guys do, so that they don’t miss game time…Dermo is the poster boy for physical fitness and well-being IMO. All that football (and some hurling) and never a ding on him. Would he be banned from working with the S&C members of the backroom team (at a different time to his teammates??).

The training ban element of this sanction MUST be removed, it’s completely ridiculous.


I agree, I also think minimum bans should also be taken out, first all because if the ban is given on a time basis, the minimum ban can actually be more harsh than a longer ban, if DC had been given a 16 week ban in november for example the consequences would have been pretty meaningless and secondly, I would say 99% would agree that in this particular case the punishment is way to harsh for the crime, but due to the inclusion of minimum penalty, they had no choice.

It’s an absolute disgrace. One of the true great Irish Athletes, not permitted to train at the level he operates at?

I would have to disagree here…the punishment (were DC allowed to train) is totally befitting the crime…3 games for pushing an official (minor interference or whatever)…is pretty lenient IMO.

Di Canio got 11…not much more force there, certainly not going to injure anyone (not helped by the comical fall… :grin: ).

The total lack of respect for the official (who did get the call wrong!) is unacceptable. The push, however minor, should not have even entered his mind. The shouting and finger pointing IMO is over the line also.

We cannot end up like the soccer lads surrounding and hounding officials. I hate to say it, as GAA is the ultimate standard barer in most regards IMO, but on this point, rugby is putting us to shame.

Had the ref/lino acted accordingly in the first instance, NOT ONE person would be on here arguiong the toss. Hand on official = gone…and a minimum suspension (as you say, number of games instead of weeks)


What?? 3 games in summer with a max of 5 left, more if your team is in the qualifiers, and then it could be end of season if your team gets knocked out, or virtually the end anyway because you won’t be match sharp/fit by the time you get back.

Look, Dermo should have gone to confession, or sat up the front of the class under the muinteoir’s nose. He didn’t, so he has to do the penance.

This thread is a black hole I tells yis!!

I’m sure Davy Fitz wasn’t at any of the Wexford training sessions while serving his ban.

But I do believe its time to move on now, someone will step in.

That he got it wrong is an assumption on your behalf, it is up to him to decide if he was interferred with enough to warrnat action, both officials clearly saw the incident and neither at the time took action, so basically it is you who is trying to overule there decision and not respecting it.
And BTW I did say 99%, there are always a few exceptions, but the general line from what I have rad and heard both on here and from ex players in the media is that a 12 week ban in the summer is way too harsh.

I was referring to the line call that set all of this in motion.

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Run has a serious point,

match officials decisions at the time have to be accepted or on pitch anarchy is the order of the day. One would hope that almost every decision is correct but when you have humans involved mistakes will happen. same any sport, not a GAA exclusive issue