Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Wexford v Dublin, Wexford, Sunday 4th July, 2021, 3.30pm

Ordinarily this would be a great trip. Been down a couple of times in recent years to see the hurlers and enjoyed both occasions - one Saturday night, one on Sunday. Enniscorthy by-pass open now too so it would have taken that bothersome bottleneck out.

In fairness Wexford were the last team in Leinster to trouble us really - during the Jason Ryan years. In 2010 they took us to extra time and were 7 points up at one stage! We were awful that day … and v Meath … and Tipp! Played badly in 2011 too and got out of jail with two quick goals (one og) to win by a goal. In 2012 we were three points down at half time and Dermo got sent off early in the 2nd half but a Maxi goal saw us home by 4 with Wexford kicking 9 second half wides.

We beat them by 23 points in 2008 but they recovered to beat Down and Armagh to reach the All Ireland semi finals. That was a good Wexford team with quality forwards like Redmond Barry, PJ Banville and Mattie Forde.

Alas Davy and hurling have taken over and its business as usual in the Model County with football very much the poor relation. I expect us to win well but hat tip to the Yellow Bellies of a decade or so ago - they certainly punched above their weight.


Based on Wexford’s form in the league you could make an argument this is the best vs the worst in the country (Not counting London or New York for obvious reasons). Biggest winning margin for Dublin post 2010 was a 31 point win over Westmeath in 2017. I could see that being matched next week especially if Wexford are in the same form they were in the league.

First championship meeting in the big ball between these two since 2014.

Great post. Would have been a great road trip under normal circumstances.


Great Post. I remember half time in 2011 with younger son thinking how we were still just bumbling along and maybe going to lose this one. Meanwhile the elder son was in puc watching tipp demolish Waterford I was thinking well we may be getting an all Ireland to celebrate…

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Can’t see the spread being anything less then 15-20 points and that’s if Wexford perform

I think 25 points will be about the margin.

Complete waste of everyone’s time really.

Agreed. It’ll be vicious.

Don’t know what they’re going to do but they’ll have to do something. The hurling is far more competitive now. And that used not be the way. And I can see it being the way for a long, long time. .

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Gaelic Football fans want to see the 'perceived ’ best teams play each other. Unfortunately there aren’t enough ‘best’ teams. I’m okay with the ‘back door’ and I’d be willing to put up with the Super 8 for another year because there’s potential there for some tasty games. Straight knockout like the old days is farcical and does nothing to help most counties progression. With the abundance of caution being displayed by our timorous government we could see a knockout championship for a few years yet.

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The championship is wrong. I know it’s been flogged to death but nothing has been done. Kerry beat Clare by 17 and Limerick beat Waterford by 18…

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A tiered championship with promotion and relegation

Provincial championships need to be a separate competition and not linked to the championship


Hilarious thing is same pundits who will have be blowing smoke up Kerry’s hole the weekend just gone will actually call out the disparity this time around despite being prevelant in Munster as well


There’s no need for provincial championships any more. Three of the four are basically one game affairs at this stage. They’re a waste of time. Give that time back to the clubs


This is what I think will happen for the 2022 season because it’s not like provincials will be going away completely but keeping it separate from the championship makes a lot of sense.

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Provincial councils won’t wear getting rid altogether

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They need to be told what’s what. There’s no need for three inter county competitions. League and proper tiered championships is all we need. The provincial councils are all but passed their sell by date as well.


Totally agree. Get rid of obyrne cups fbd and run provincials then. League and tiered championships is the only show in town IMO.


and believe me, if we do something similar (we will) against wexford the cries and the tears will be overwhelming.

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Wexico have huge hurt and hunger going into this


They could have Mattie forde and they’d still lose by 15

Wexford wouldn’t make last 4 of Dublin SFC

They’d beat Sligo though who are the unfittest team I’ve seen at this level for a long time

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Hope they make a game of it and we get away sans injuries.

Blunt, but 100% correct.

If Kickhams were in the super8s, they’ve have a fighting chance of making an AISF