Leinster SFC SF 2016, Dublin v Meath, Croke Park, Sunday June 26th

Right .I have no problem in hoping we hockey them ,don’t want close game to test us just a good aul fashioned hammering,BTW we are 1/50 with bookies.

Was in the Nell today and I have to say if we are not operating at full throttle Meath could be in the game for 20 mins … :smiling_imp:

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What was the crowd like today?


Ful house

Wasn’t expecting that.

Capacity was reduced to around 8,500 because of health and safety. There were a handful of tickets available online yesterday morning but no van at ground because all tickets were gone.

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As I said on me FaceTube page. At least the grass will be in good nick in the Nell, after all that shite fertilising it over the weekend!

Anyone hear anything about Cluxton? Apparently he lined out for his club at halfback. But since then there’s a rumour that he was/is in hospital?

Ladies & gents, I originally posted this on a different thread but this one seems more appropriate. I am disappointed to see the unspeakable (aka Mordor) being typed in full. I’m gradually getting old (I was in Croker in '74) so perhaps I missed something? I’m all for enlightened debate but surely there is room for a tiny bit of prejudice? If I an undermining our community standards I will cease and desist, of course.

I think it’s time to get the word editor up and running to substitute our pet names for certain counties

I am clearly racing for the departure lounge. There is a way of doing this automatically?

There used to be on the old forum but I must explore that option.

You’re not quite losing it yet dude :wink:

Thanks for that! :older_man:


i can make it do that

That has only four letters …

Any news on injury front ?

Sounds like Flynn will be fit judging you his interviews yesterday which is great

Andrews lined out for Brigids last week so looks like he’s on the mend also

■■■■ you’re right

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It would still reduce the level of trauma in my life. The pain will never go away but a bit of bile can help to conceal the suffering. And anyway, four letters seem somehow appropriate.

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