Leinster SFC SF 2017, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun June 25th, 4pm

Confirmed by DCB

Won’t be as much craic as the Carlow thread.

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Wait until you see who the ref and linesmen are …

Yep - lets keep this one football. First mention of the unmentionable gets a one week ban … it’s worse than puns at this stage … we gotta draw the line, man …oooh nearly …

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Less of the back seat moderating @Dub09 :innocent:

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That’s gas … that’s exactly what herself says in the car!

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So, who do we get to play the Dermo role?

Does he have a talented brother , maybe a hurler , that should solve it !


2011 Alan Brogan?


Liam Rushe

Doesn’t he play for Liverpool? Or Akrington Stanley?

The big issue this raises is one man-marker on Kilkenny basically shuts down our system.

“Who are they?”

Draw in Tullamore - 10 points apiece. Replay in Mullingar next Saturday evening

Cluxton, ,Fitzsimons, Cooper, Mc Mahon, Mc Carthy, O Sullivan, Lowndes, Fenton, , Reddin, Scully, Kilkenny, Mc Caffrey, Brogan, Rock, Mannion.

Shhhhh! Keep your voice down.

Suppose you could say that a similar ‘what if’ was raised when the issue of pushing someone up on Cian O’Sullivan was mooted by some (but never opposition managers, crucially), but of course that would’ve meant leaving a gap in their blanket & few were willing to risk that.

Apparently the game between Offaly and Westmeath was dire. Must be holding their fire for us …

Don’t think that would bother me too much, I thought we played better football when Kilkenny missed games during the league.

While there’s absolutely no doubt he is one of our top 6 forwards, he slows our play down far too much. There are times when it is better to go lateral or backwards, but not nearly as often as CKK does it. He allows defenders more time to get organised.

Driving forward, off the shoulder runs, and quick ball into the forwards is the way to defeat blanket defences

I think his style epitomises the modern focus on possession, it’s across the game really. Would much prefer the direct style of 2013 myself, and wouldn’t be surprised if we revert to similar this year due to changes in personnel, both forced and not.

I wouldn’t underestimate Ciaran Kilkennys Leadership. He’s our main leader.