Leinster SFC SF 2017, Dublin v Westmeath, Croke Park, Sun June 25th, 4pm

Neither would I, and I’m not criticising him either.

Horrific , for sure played the way Carlow did v Dublin last week so whoever wins expect the same in the Semi Final , thing is not sure they would get away with it in the vast spaces of Croke Park .

The pick of Offaly and Westmeath wouldn’t get a sniff against Dublin.
Kildare or Meath will be interesting for a while but I don’t expect Dublin to have to dig too deeply
to beat either. The Quarters is where it all starts.

Even the official Westmeath twitter feed was saying it was brutal stuff.

Might not even start at QF … nowhere near 8 good teams out there …

Personally think, there’s an increasing gap between the top 2 and the next 4 teams and between them 4 and the next 4 the gap is narrowing

I reckon we will win this by minimum 12 points again regardless of opposition and then I’m hoping Meath beat Kildare (I know I shouldn’t), A Dublin Meath final would be great especially if they got a bit of form, would be nice to get a bit of excitement out of Leinster for a change.

It’s hard to know how Meath and Kildare will go. Have a sneaky suspicion Metah could sneak it even if Kildare have been more impressive thus far

Cormac Costello back in light training and O Gara has a hamstring injury

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@_TL Pulling this from the other thread in an effort to move things along :wink:

Has this even been tried in training, I wonder? No disrespect but is this something that some of us, as supporters, wouldn’t mind seeing given a go or is it something that management would seriously consider?

He scored 2 nice points from the right wing against Carlow, seemed to be in that area a lot. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was looked at.

I think Bernard will have to come back in. Providing he starts, it will do Con the world of good too to have an established player beside him. Wouldn’t mind seeing McCaffrey get a free role if we get Small back.

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Is Connolly allowed appear in a thread?

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Good news on Costello, well at least there is some white smoke there -

Any news on John Small @Rochey - top player - we need him back !

It’s Westmeath, up 6 points with a minute to go.

Wmeath 3-16 Offaly 0-15, disallowed goal now allowed ? Minutes left anyway

Confirmed, Dublin V Westmeath.

Ugh, I would have preferred Offaly just because we haven’t played them in a while, but I doubt it would make much of a difference.

I’d say we are in for another dour game. Westmeath will be ultra defensive keeping the score reasonably tight for the first 40-45 minutes before we pull away to win by about 12.

When did we last play them in championship? Mid-00s?

At least the WM management can’t target Dermo this game. Probably Fenton’s turn.