Leinster SFC SF, Dublin v Flourbags, Croke Park, Sun 9th June, 4pm

Right, as per their forums, will Kildare be the saviours of Gaelic Football while simultaneously highlighting the big issues facing the GAA?
Or will they just write a strongly-worded letter to the Sunday Game…?


They will shite themselves as usual. And the biggest bluffer in GAA will get the road once they don’t get into the Super 8’s. Of course it will be all Dublin’s fault

Never underestimate your opponent…Dublin by 8.

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Is Mannion banned for this or did they get his card overturned?

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Anyone know if Dean or Johnny be available for this game ?

Off FB so not sure if it’s real or not . Brave man .

Quoted in the bindo as well. He is a bluffer.

I sincerely hope that they do perform, but its probably more out of hope than expectation. If they stay within 6, he can say they pushed us. Not likely though.

Hes better tits than me missus


And he’s only 17.

Flynn is a huge loss to them.

Flynn is a huge loss to us!!

Fair play! A very good call indeed!

Hope we beat them out the gate.then when I’m 6 feet under…we still beat them out the gate …hope it’s a massacre …over by half time…what’s d spread?


And Connaught is the ‘real thing’, keeping the spirit and soul of gaelic games alive.

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This isnt on TV, is it? Any dublin radio covering it?

On the former, no. Black-out in TV terms.

On the latter, we can only live in hope.

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