Leinster SFC SF, Dublin v Flourbags, Croke Park, Sun 9th June, 4pm

I reckon hammering the flourbags is the best result. Think we have to be ruthless from the beginning, I know some folks say a good tight game would do us good, but not if the opposition is vastly inferior and I feel Kildare are.

Yep agree I think we have to be ruthless, respect them go out and put the foot to the floor and keep it to the floor

Unleash hell.

Johnny Doyle came off the bench for Kildare juniors this evening and scored 3 points :joy::joy:

In fairness a great player one of the few Kildare players I liked.


I think we have to be ruthless in every game we play this year, go out in each game and beat the opposition to a pulp. No team to be under estimated and play to our best . One game one result and on to the next one game at a time. Kildare will be gunning forus but as long as we stay focused and go out to beat each opposition and be ruthless we will be into the final.

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their doin an awful lot of givin out about us over on their forum, I just had a sneaky gander to see could I get any info that might help our lads


this is our mantra Sunday with these upstarts of lillies :shushing_face:

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Will it be a straight swap Rock in for the suspended Mannion?

Can’t see many changes from the last day, unless he decides to give someone else a chance in midfield ahead of Gavin

No more than our own on other forums I’d say a lot of Kildare fans are embarrassed by a few. Considering the many many advantages they have over the vast majority of counties their performance over many years is pathetic. At least Meath come good every now and again.

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Those boys seem convinced that if they act the hard man on an internet forum that it somehow affects the outcome of the game…



Perhaps an extended run for Ross and If fit, expect Coops should also get a run

they couldn’t act the bollix never mind the hard man although yer man blackadder is havin a go at it

This is it, Monaghan population 60K v Kildare 220K and Monaghan are very competitive for a long time now. If the population of a county is everything that doesn’t add up.

they forked out a fortune on micko, god knows how much on mcgeaney, and I could only imagine o neill is on a tidy little sum, not that it bothers us, they took us out of croker , they still whinge, they put us back into croker and they still whinge, these lads will will only be happy if we are beatin. like Gavin says its an honour to put on the jersey and represent yer county, these lads all volunteer their time and effort, hard graft, commitment and hunger wins all Irelands . instead of whinging, they should listen to a man that’s done it all

Sir yes Sir

Is the Lower Hogan sold out ? Could only get Lower Cusack in Ticketmaster

Lower Hogan available on Tickets.ie


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Kildare ■■■■■ still moaning about the foul on Brogan all those years ago. SAD.

They have won 3 leinsters in 63 years the last one 19 years ago , they have always been shit