Leinster SHC 2021 Dublin V Antrim, Pairc Taitleann, 26.6.2021, 3.00pm

Well lads this is not far off. Will Kenny do a Gareth Southgate and stay with the square pegs in round holes.

Almost certainly yes.

He’s gone after this anyway. So what differ. Hardly going to start doing new things on his way out the door


yea, don’t expect any surprises at this late stage really, more of the same. So hopefully get over this and then face Galway the following weekend … which will be … tricky.

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Close the curtains job

Not convinced we will beat Antrim


We certainly ended the league with more questions then we started it with. Which is not ideal year three.

I’m sanguine about it . Wednesday is a bigger game .

It’ll surely be a new regime next year so it’ll probably be the same team as we’ve had so far in the league

He can’t play crummy in midfield … can he?

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Antrim by 5 at least.

Pity weve gone so far back that were worried about Antrim, with respect.

If we selected our best players in their best positions we’d win IMO.


Hard to really get a gauge for how this game will go. I think Antrim will be happy how the league game went in Parnell a few weeks back as they totally underperformed and will feel they have so much more to throw at us. In saying that I will always carry hope and look forward to the game. Just wish MK would place more trust in Cian O Sullivan. His unpredictability is something we crave.


Dublin not losing this game, it be a tough one but Dublin to win by 5 points or more.


Agree with that. Different result if we had to travel to Antrim.

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Antrim will be up for this and make us work for it but I think we’ll beat them.

Galway in the semi-final? Sin scéal eile.


Antrim will have targeted us as their Final I think. A bit like Laois … I dread to say.

Laois last year?

Shhhh …. 2019.

Trying to winkle out WiFi?

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Laois was a surprise
If Antrim win it won’t be. I do think its a closer game than the bookies have it. Antrims tails are up and Dublin still don’t know what 15 players will play in what positions.
Alan Nolan is a big lad, he could be a target man in FF?


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