Leinster SHC QF 2016, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park Sat May 21st @ 7.15pm

We are actually starting the championship this Saturday. Seems like there is a really low key build up, or am I missing something? We’ve heard almost nothing from the camp - did we actually beat Tipp in a challenge match? Any reports?

Lee Chin is apparently out with a knee injury. Andrew Shore too. I would be expecting to win this one. It’s KK afterwards that is the issue :slight_smile:

Did Dublin play Tipp last week in Thurles? Any result?

Yeah although there was a decent gap between the end of the league and championship it appears to have come around quickly this weekend.

I would be expecting us to win but can be a big game in Wexford so we will still have to be our game.

Any idea of what team will start. Team is getting harder to predict these days which can mean a few things. More competition for places or chopping and changing so we still dont know what our main team is. If I had to guess Cunningham will go with;







Any word on Paul Ryan. I know got injured in the club championship. Although I dont think Cunningham is a fan so probably wouldn’t start anyway.

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I would think that will be near it all right. It’s ok, but could be much better if you added the likes of Sutcliffe, Kelly and Cian Boland (where is he anyway?).

Probably close to the team that will start, although Cunningham is not beyond a surprise or two. What strikes me from looking at that team sheet is that it’s not that impressive. All the forwards could have a good day or the could have a bad one. Wexford will fight, but if we are in with any chance of challenging KK we should be confident of a big win - I felt like that a few years ago, that’s not how I feel now. Here’s hoping.

Eoghan ODonnell will be in the full back line, hes kinda nailed that spot down throughout the league. Is Dillon not Injured?? And McGibb aswell??. Ryan Dwyer not long back hurling so I’m not sure he’s ready just yet.

Please forget about the whole Sutcliffe thing at this stage. He wont be featuring so lets leave it be. I think hes gone away with Bart anyway:grin:.

O Donnell has done very well, if it is enough to hold off Shutte we will see.

If Dillon is out, it is a huge blow. The O Dwyer thing will depend on how training is going I suppose and if has played challenge games etc.

But if we have injuries because we played senior championship two weeks before this game - that is also a major concern.

Not sure why the Sutcliffe thing should be left be, the best player we have is sitting at home - I would have though that was a discussion topic. Maybe on it’s own it is just one of those things - but when it is part of a series of events, it becomes much more important - Sutcliffe not making himself available, Keaney saying he was unhappy with things that happened last year, Carton walking off last year, Nolan and Lambert not going quietly after being dropped and all of last years selectors being changed, it definitely creates a context for a wider discussion. The discussion could be around the ‘fair play to Cunningham for shaking things up’ line of thought, or the opposite. But it is definitely a thing of major interest.

Cunningham has taken huge risks in all of this. In one way I think fair play to him, risk taking is admirable. But, on the other hand I do wonder if someone coming in to manage Dublin gets too much of a free pass on stuff, because a) they are assumed to know better and b) if it fails, the team can always be blamed, the ‘I could have got better hurlers at the Red Cow’ type argument (in other words, it’s not me, it’s them!).

My own view is that he has taken the risks, he deserves the chance to show if they pay off in championship before judgement is passed. But if they don’t pay off, it needs to be recognised that it was primarily because of management decisions and not because of the players.

Must be still injured. He has not been with the U21’s for a long time so probably wont be available
tomorrow two weeks when they ( U21’s) take on Wexford.

He must be right enough, although there seems a surprising lack of info surrounding him. Is there any chance he has had a falling out?

But in general a few more injury updates wouldn’t go astray from the management. I am not asking for their innermost thoughts on stuff, just some updates like the footballers give.

Big game for Cunningham. Really no excuse for not winning. He may well be feeling the pressure. Making the quarters after losing in the first round of Leinster would be a tough ask.

Not winning wouldn’t be an option here, the test is the next one - if the Galway game isn’t at the least very close, Cunningham is on the wrong track. If we win, he is on the right track. The Wexford game should only be a processto be gone through - the Galway game is the one where his future rests on.

I see the hill is not open on Saturday. €25 for a seat is very steep for a Quarter Final.

[quote=“Wifi, post:13, topic:202”]
if the Galway game isn’t at the least very close, Cunningham is on the wrong track. If we win, he is on the right track.
[/quote]Do we not play Kilkenny in the next game if we win on Saturday?

Yeh we play Kilkenny

He’s at home because he wants to be at home. This one isn’t the management’s fault.

I think we’re up against it on Saturday . However both teams have key players missing. Wexford probably missing their two best hurlers as well. It’s important for Dublin to win to maintain their place ahead of Wexford in the championship pecking order in my view. So plenty to play for - for both sides.

However the winners will be well beaten in the semi-final by Kilkenny. If we beat Wexford and got within 10 of kilkenny that would be a decent campaign in my view and look then at making the last 8.

Dublin get 3 players back but still have 7 out for Leinster clash with Wexford

Conor, I wouldn’t go as far as to say EOD has nailed his place in the team. Revert back to the Limerick game !!

Still wrinkles with me to pay to watch on GAAGo…if anybody has been watching reliable streams for Gaa games recently, and could pm me etc with them would great…

Yep you are right, wishful thinking on my part I think!!