Leinster SHC QF 2016, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park Sat May 21st @ 7.15pm

I think there is more to the Sutcliffe then him wanting to stay at home, if it was a one off incident maybe, but it is not. But without having the inside track, I suppose there is no great point in speculating. It doesn’t reassure me about Cunningham’s management style though.

I agree an AI QF would be acceptable. Given the injuries, especially to Kelly, staying under 10 points to KK would probably be all right too - but with a full team it wouldn’t be great.

Good to see the update from the camp. Kelly and Boland are the big two to be missing, but I am not sure he will play O Dwyer or Schutte as it is very early for them. He took a chance on Schutte last year after injury and it didn’t pay off, so he might not go there again.

Do Dublin suffer from a disproportionate amount of injuries? It seems so to me…

Saturday is all important in terms of giving the county a gee up as chances are we might be up against v the Yellow Bellies in the upcoming minor & U21 games.

At least we suspected they’d be missing, no big new shockers like above where someone said Trollier was a doubt, that’s all we need our form forward to miss out. Wouldnt say this is a forgone conclusion at all, Wexford will fancy their chances of an upset, and we’ve seen from the league play off stages that 1B isnt a hinderance really.

Seems like it at times but of the 7 lads injured really only a couple of them are regulars, i’m sure if you knew of the injuries to extended panels of all the teams we wouldn’t be any worse then anyone else.

You are probably right, it does seem like we get a lot of muscular type stuff over the years, cruciates, hamstrings etc. But it is only my perception, there is probably no substance to it.

Where I genuinely do think we have a problem though is getting guys back after injuries - Treacy seemed to take two years or more to get back anywhere near like he was, Fallon never came back for Dublin, Quigley never came back for Dublin and there have been a few more. Again though, you would have to compare it against other counties to see if there actually was an issue.

Conor Clinton from Crokes is another one who looked promising. Playing for Crokes 3rd team now.

Well look, if you work on that basis, a heap of lads are going to be sitting there not getting their place. He’s done really well in all their games so far.

Conal Keaney just tweeted, “Today’s headline in @HeraldNewsdesk Loss of Peter Kelly ‘frustrating’. Is everything been done to get PK back for champo?? #badlyneeded #gaa

This uneasy feeling that all is not quite right in the camp refuses to go away. And comments like that aren’t encouraging.

What the … Either he is injured or he isn’t …

There is a lot more going on here I think. I have heard rumours about issues surrounding Kelly for a while. I could be proven wrong, and I hope I am, but my suspicion is that Cunningham will make a balls of this year. Not the end of the world if he does, it is only a year, but it could be more serious if the fault isn’t laid at the right door. I have heard a lot of spinning against players recently, guys who served this county well from a young age. Winning or losing isn’t the be all of everything, but treating people right is important.

Totally agree - and that is very much a two way street too.

Fair bit of off field unhealthy stuff/mutterings following our hurlers around … not good.

It’s not the Dublin way normally. It is hard to understand how it has come to this with what seemed like a tight bunch of guys under Daly, and I would have thought he was a fairly demanding manager.

None of this is good. The implication that there’s a disagreement keeping Kelly off the panel? Or that the medical team aren’t up to it? Not good either way. Have to say I don’t like keaney (who is a Dublin legend in my eyes) stirring on the sideline days before championship. Hopefully just a badly worded tweet,

PK is injured and will be out for a while.
Starting rumours that allude to a rows in the camp is not very helpful in my opinion.

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He is injured, but there is more to it also.

I am not alluding to rows in the camp, there have been rows. There is no need for anyone just to allude to it. But I am open to it all being benificial. I don’t think it will be, but Cunningham has more management experience then I have and if he thinks he can manage without last years selectors, Kelly, Sutcliffe, Carton, Nolan, Lambert and Keaney ( of whom he seemed to have some influence on his retirement) then I am assuming he has a master plan and a serious year is just ahead of us.

I think Keaney may be getting at the latter. At least, I hope it’s the latter.

Maybe there was such a tight bond among the group under Daly that the next man in making adjustments to that was always likely to take flak. Look at the reaction of Kildare players to the departure of McGeeney. Although this bunch of players never struck me as the type to throw the toys out the pram.

I think it is the former Tayto, but time will tell.

It could be the new man scenario right enough, but I wish he would make his point with the guys that would be (in order of importance) numbers 30 to 34 on the panel, not numbers 1 to 4 as he is doing at the moment. There is no great point winning all the wars if you get the s***e beat of you in the battle,

Keaney’s twitter would appear pointed … maybe pointless too.

The football panel has massive competition but seem to use it in a most positive way. And with their success could easily have a few egos … yet they don’t. They manage themselves well - under the radar … no dirty linen. Perhaps the other code might take note …

If there is an ego problem Dub09, I am not sure it is the players ego that is the issue…