Leinster SHC QF 2016, Dublin v Wexford, Croke Park Sat May 21st @ 7.15pm

I feel more reassured about managers who don’t allow star players to swing the lead off the pitch just because they have a big reputation . And I’m not talking about living like an amateur monk for 6 months - simply the basics that any club team would observe

Pity Keaney decides to do everything to undermine the current management . I can never get over how former players can’t just retire in peace .

I have to say just like Sutcliffe has come across badly since leaving the panel, Keaney looks to be following suit. Unless he wants to come out and clarify exactly what he means by that tweet, or someone else can, instead of dodging around it and making allusions to this that and the other, then his comments are nothing short of idiotic and shit stirring on the week of a huge match for Dublin. Seems to be a lot of bad feeling in the camp towards Cunningham. I slated him myself for what went on during the summer, but maybe he is feeling a back lash for breaking up the comfort zone that players had fallen into under Daly. If that is the case I would back Cunningham in that scenario because that needed to be done for this team to go anywhere.

All of this is worrying but will be papered over on Saturday as Wexford are poor and we will beat them well. A lot of us are very naive sometimes on this site and hope it’s for the better of Dublin hurling but having listened to our own club players after the last couple of weeks it’s frightening what’s going on here.
Players being treated like robots, injured players being cast aside and told to come back when you are better including Kelly and Boland and others. It’s benifited us as a club with Colm coming back to ‘do his exams’. Very similar exams that Danny is doing by the sounds of it.
I’m not worried for Saturday but going forward this is decimating major players for us. He is not a good manager looking at this. Might be a great tactician, coach, tv personality but he is not an inter county manager and that is going to hurt us in the long run.
For some staying in Div 1 was ‘enough’. For me it’s not.

Great to see the site back up. Well done Tayto

Winning the AI wouldn’t be enough for you in fairness . Why don’t you just say why Danny left the panel . Any of the players will tell you .
If you’re going to post the above give all the facts instead of the select few. Anyone I’ve spoken to in Lucan have told me Kelly won’t be hurling this year until the Autumn . It was an extremely bad injury .
We’ve seen this in Galway as well- how’s that going for them ?

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State all the facts? I’m just telling you they I don’t like players being cast aside, I don’t like players 'walking away, I don’t like lies being told about our players. I’m not here to give you facts. If you want them ask your friends in Lucan. They will give you them. I’m just offering an opinion.
Even an all ireland wouldn’t be good enough for you?? You are clutching a bit there.

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Anyone care to try naming a team?

Kelly was on the pitch after the Minor game last Saturday going through his rehab stuff. The rest of the panel were there for a training session…so it looks like all is being done to answer the great ones question.

Yes, that about sums it up for me, well made points…

Staying in Div 1 was actually enough for me, given the situation we were in - but we shouldn’t have been in that situation. With the players we have now, we could really be pushing for something - but if they are not even on the panel, that is not going to happen.

I am assuming Cunningham will go at the end of the year, and if so it is just one lost year really, but if he stays it gets really scary. You have guys who have given blood, sweat and tears for Dublin since they were kids and Cunningham comes in and seems to give little or no respect to them. Even if Cunningham is right, and he goes on to win something - it should have all happened in a better way.

Sam 11 > with all due respect, I disagree with a lot of your points. Sutcliffe hasn’t come across anyway since he left - he has made no mention of the matter at all. So if you perceive him as coming across ‘badly’ that must be your opinion on the issue. Keaney is obviously trying to raise the profile of some issue and if feels strongly he is right to do so. I think we owe him a lot more then to just let it lie.

I actually have the reverse reaction to last summer versus now. I had no problem with anything Cunningham did on the field last year. He tried things out and was brave in his approach. It didn’t work, but that is part of the learning curve. But I am starting to have a big problem with what he is doing now. If taking guys out of their comfort zone means taking them out of the panel it is completely pointless. It is along the lines of the operation was a success, but the patient died.

Jayzus lads, its gas really. I’ve been talking to a good few players on the panel and they are all happy out. So if ye know something different then come straight out and get it over with. Far too much “grey” area talk going on here.

Keaney the same… either nail your colours to the mast and say what you want to say or keep yourself to yourself.

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Hopefully you are right - but Nolan wasn’t happy, Lambert wasn’t happy, Carton wasn’t happy, it’s probably safe enough to say that Sutcliffe wasn’t happy, Keaney wasn’t totally happy (and still isn’t), last years selectors were not happy (Or Cunningham wasn’t happy with them), there are issues surrounding Kelly…

That is a lot of ‘not happy’…

If this was the footballers, the national media would be coming down with it. I think a little bit of questioning the set up is no harm…

Funnily enough, there was a heap of lads “not happy” under Daly either as a lot of the lads mentioned above seemed to be in some sort of club with him that was hard to break into.

Until some of those players come on out and tell us all what they are not happy with then it’s not worth entertaining. Of the selectors from last year…did they not only commit to 1 year?? Not sure about Boland but I’m sure that was the case with the crokes lad.

You could well be right. My own feeling is that Daly, whatever his faults, managed to get the best 15 lads on the field and Cunningham is failing on that. But I have nothing new really to add to what has been said before, so I will bow out of the discussion now before it just becomes an exercise in me repeating myself and boring the arse of everyone.

But I do think there should be a continuous (respectful) discussion about how the hurling management is approaching the job. The biggest danger is that they get a free pass because they are supposed to know better, being from hurling counties and all…

Nolan - sub keeper for years
Lambert - sub
Carton- was dropped
Keaney- couldn’t run anymore - time waits for no man regardless of how good they were

They weren’t happy. Subs, players who got too old and people who were dropped. Find me a club team in the world that doesn’t have these recurring issues.

Can we move on? There were a lot of players who had more then enough of Daly too. No panel of players is happy. Plenty of lads who don’t like Jim Gavin either on the Dublin panel.


Follow on Tweet from Keaney an hour ago:

“Let’s be clear @_eamonoreilly is the most dedicated & talented physio I have ever come across, not for a second would I question him #respect

That makes the actual context of the original tweet more serious, or at least clarifies its seriousness. But based on the majority reaction here, people aren’t particularly interested in what one of the best players we ever had has to say and basically the players just need to get over themselves.

Fiddling, Rome, Burning

[quote=“Wifi, post:57, topic:202”]
people aren’t particularly interested in what one of the best players we ever had has to say and basically the players just need to get over themselves.
[/quote]Why does Keaney have to be so cryptic in what he is saying?

Would he not be better off keeping schtum as it’s bringing unnecessary attention on the eve of such an important game?

Tend to agree - shocking timing coming out with this stuff now - can’t possibly help preparations. Also it’s a little cryptic, if you want to unleash give it both barrells … or not at all … but can;t we do this after the championship as nothing is going to change till then anyway.

Not sure if you meant to quote me there??

Bit late now to be stopping Rome burning the week of the biggest game of the year. As I said earlier you don’t get this with the footballers - and someone said there are players that don’t like Jim Gavin. Which actually proves the point.

No-one asking for a free pass or anything like but there is a time and a place for everything and in the context of this IMO, it most certainly is not now …

It happens aplenty in sport - you don’t have to like the manager but you respect him. Of course a relentless winning run & cut-throat competition for places tends to help in the overall scheme of things, neither of which the hurling management have currently.

I feel like applying for the job of Keaney’s press secretary the way things are going :neutral_face:

This from rte.ie "Conal Keaney expects Dublin to trust in rising stars."