Leinster SHC QF 2017, Dublin v Galway, O'Connor Park, Tullamore, Sun May 28th, 4pm (Live RTÉ)

Time to put the disappointing league behind us and look towards this.

David Tracy Interview: :


He says:

Galway playing well again at the weekend, it’s nicely poised. It’s up to us to prepare for Galway. It’s a really, really big task, getting our heads around that massive challenge

Ger Cunningham interview:


He says:

We felt all along that we’ve got the best crop of players in Dublin representing Dublin at the moment.

“We’ll work with them. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to perform at that level. You’ve got to perform for 70 minutes.

We have been reasonably competitive in most games but really without that cutting edge to really bury teams when we’ve been on top (other than cork) and we’ve fallen away drastically for spells in a lot of the games.

The real bright spots are Donal Burke (with 3 more points from play v Clare), The form of O’Donnell and a few of the other new faces look to be adapting to senior.

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That clip from Cunningham is disingenuous - “best crop of players”??, and worse - it puts the blame for the current mess on the players “you’ve got to perform…”. What a piece!


It certainly typifies his existence with us so far. From that to hanging young lads out to dry post Tipp.
Will we have Shutte’s vs Galway?


Some choice of words from GC alright, very debatable, especially if he loses a few more like the Schutte brothers.

Agreed but similarly he can’t be held responsible for players not having skills they should have been taught 10 years ago

If you fall out with 30% of your best panel, then you can’t use skill shortages as an excuse.


Early skills development is important but there is a quantum leap from underage to senior inter-county skills and physical requirements. It is this leap that we are failing to achieve. There will always only be a small proportion of good minors/under-21s who can make this leap but we have enough of a basic pool of young lads but we are failing to turn enough of them into top class senior players. Lots of them don’t even try because they take the much more attractive football option. This failure is entirely to do with senior management (including the County Board). In the meantime, it is actually a waste of breath talking about the skills etc displayed by players when their whole framework is arse-wise. A manager, blatantly and in public, putting the blame for failure on players is infantile and ridiculous. Did he ever demonstrate any awareness that he might be at least somewhat responsible for the mess we are in?

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I’m sorry. In one of the most technically proficient games in the world you have till 16 to attain the basic skills. you will never make that gap up as an adult on Tipperary or Kilkenny equivalent players.

Never in a month of Sundays.

At senior level it’s tactics, motivation and conditioning. And all three fronts it can be argued the current management are below average. Fixing these will get us to the Top 6 which is achievable.

However they can’t be held responsible for skills players should have acquired 10 years ago.

That’s required for the top 4

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I dunno. I took up curling when I was 28 and nearly made the Olympics.

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But we regularly compete with and beat those team all the way up to 18. So the fundamentals must be there at those age groups.


We were fairly competitive in the league no doubt, but had our shortcomings. Sadly I don’t see us being a team that has a gear or 2 to go up from league pace to championship. I think what we see in the league is us at our limit. Cant see us even with he few Cuala lads coming back having enough about us to up it to the level required to beat what looks a sharp Galway side.

Where will the goals come from and where will the self made scores from nowhere come from?

Not at all Ireland level . Haven’t beaten a Munster or Galway team at minor and u21 level bar Waterford once at minor level

Regularly beaten in all Ireland semis and finals. Some of those wins haven’t been against Kilkenny and more importantly the loss of duals to football

I took up water polo at 32 years of age and I too would have made the Olympics but for my horse drowning.


Heard at training this evening more players have left. This is really getting nasty for all involved. Even for short term I wonder would they even consider an intermediary type person to try solve issues.

Ah crap :poop:

Any idea how many? And was it a reliable source?

4/5. Yes.

Thanks. F**k

That’s all we need! And we thought things couldn’t get any worse! Unless of course it was not just fringe players. Cunningham did say something about assembling a panel with championship in mind. Time will tell!

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If players walked tonight then it’s all but over for Cunningham. He may not make the Galway game.