Leinster SHC Round Robin Game 4, Dublin vs. Galway, Parnell Park, 15.06.2019, 7 p.m

Here we go again. Showing as sold out on tickets.ie

If they go back on sale and someone spots it can you post here? Will do likewise


It appears they wait for uptake from season ticket/pass holders, then offer to clubs and then release in batches on tickets.ie. There will hardly be as big a crowd from Galway as there was from wexford.

Yeh, according to leinster gaa only tickets that will go on sale will be returns from Dublin/Galway

Massive game for Galway! Especially if they lose to Kilkenny this weekend! They normally bring a decent enough following.

A lot of Galway people living in Dublin aswell

Looks like Sky showing the game, which is good but I’d still rather be at it.

If Wexford didn’t sell it out Galway won’t either. Hopefully it’ll be like the last day with plenty of tickets available eventually.


I suppose Kenny’s decisions for this would be the following

  1. Corner back - will O Callaghan be back (Hendrican was tidy the last day though).

  2. Half back - if no Barrett, then who? (O Connell would probably be his choice).

  3. Midfield he seems happy with (I wouldn’t be particularly though)

  4. Half forwards are fine probably (Boland was flying again).

  5. Full forward - Rushe or Hayes? Any chance of Winters? Hetherton?

Right or wrong now it’s not the time for big changes I think. The big decisions are made he needs to run with them at this stage. The full back line, half back line and half forward line are as strong as we have ever had them.


If O Callaghan not ready there is good chance Darie Grey could get corner back spot! Solid enough player!

Can’t see many changes coming in at this stage other than Barrett being forced on him. But that might not even happen as you can see on the replay that its not intentional so an appeal might be in order.

It was mentioned on the other thread that Rushe might not be back from injury for a while. So the same starting 6 up front I’d say.

From the Carlow game:


Would tend to agree wexford still in the Davy hype phase. If Galway lose to Kk I’d actually see them brining less and not more supporters.

As for selection my opinion is that Kenny is conservative and will only go with what’s forced upon him.


Gray is another guy who went from playing well (I thought) to not playing at all, not even coming on. Then Hendrican comes from nowhere to get a starting spot. It’s a bit strange.


Is he conservative though? I see why you say it, that was my impression too. But the teams are actually changing a good bit game to game, with new guys starting.

My impression is that he is settling on a team now. It wouldn’t be totally my team, and he should have settled on it before the Kilkenny game, not after. But I think he needs minimum changes at this stage of the season.

Glennon destroyed us in the league game. He might not start, but if he does, we need a better plan for him then the last day.

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Contacted Dcb, they said unlikely anymore to go on general sale.

Can’t believe that. What’s the story with club orders does anyone know? Do clubs actually order tickets for games like this from their club?

Probably release them in batches like the wexford game. Wouldnt panic yet. :weary:

I’m not panicking. I’ll manage somehow but I am surprised that anyone in the DCB would suggest that it was likely that there would be no more tickets released.

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She said unlikely, but keep an eye on the website :roll_eyes:

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Some do and some don’t. All will be allocated some tickets whether they order or not. Think it’s nearly a given that you have to take your minimal allocation even if you didn’t order them.

Galway have one of the biggest season tickets sales in the country. Based on the league they will pack out the stand in Parnell Park.

Any word on when Parnell Pass tickets will be available for collection? Presume it’s from next Tuesday?