Leinster SHC Semi-Final, Dublin v Kilkenny, Saturday Oct 31st, 2020 - Croke Park 15:45

So @NorthDubHatchetMan who’ll be MOTM in this game? No pressure.


Kk and order of magnitude above Laois. It was nice to have a game but it should he viewed as poor preparation.

Match ups will be interesting. TJ creates so much outfield but Fenelly lethal inside 30 yards. O Donnel hopefully the guy to handle Fenelly and reduce the goal threat.

Our forwards will have a tougher day. No sweeper from KK but they’ll bring massive pressure. If our distribution doesn’t improve from the Laois game we will be in big trouble.


Presuming this is only on GAA Go ?

Think I’d go with something like this:

Nolan (well actually I’d rather Brennan)
O’Callaghan Madden Smyth
Barrett O’Donnell Burke
Moran McBride
Boland Crummy Sutcliffe
Burke Hayes Trollier

My thinking on the backs is, Madden is the best man marker we have so ideally I’d like Madden to man mark TJ, but I’m not sure he’d be comfortable at 6, so I’d go with Madden on Fennelly with O’Donnell out on TJ. Not sure Grey has it in him to deal with the KK half forward line so he misses out. Horses for courses.

Not sure Keogh showed enough the last day to get a start next weekend, so I’d bring in Trollier for him, with D. Burke to drop out between the half forwards and midfield I think Hayes and Trollier can do some damage with the right ball in!!


Id make a few changes

  1. ODonnell to 6 to pick up TJ
  2. OCallaghan to full back
  3. Gray to wing back
  4. Dillon in at 14
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It’s a very important game. If we do ok, and by that I mean still be in it with 10 min to go it means we are onto something. This is a youngish team and success would be based on balance and hurling, not necessarily big high balls in and trying to score on lesser possessions.

I don’t know if they can do that. There are 3 or 4 positions where I would worry about guys bringing enough intensity. But if they do - we could be in it.

On intensity - I would drop Moran for this. It would be sort of unfair, I would bring him back the next day probably. But for this one game, we need there to be 15 mini wars going on - and that is not his game.


I’d leave O’Donnell fullback on Fennelly he holds the whole thing together
Put Chris Crummy on TJ
Trollier in for gray moving crummy back

I’d prefer Brennan in goal

On kk if mullin and Evan Shefflin bring their ballyhale form in from the last year it could be a very tough day

I’d take a 6pt defeat or less

Unfortunately not one of ours I suspect. I cannot see us handling TJ or Colin “Brute-Force” Fennelly that well so would be angling for them at present but will give a final prediction when I see the teams named later in the week

The one area KK are unsure of is midfield as Richie Leahy isn’t a guaranteed starter there anymore and James Maher pulled himself off the panel. Conor Fogargy is used there too but he isn’t as mobile as he was 5yrs ago in his prime. I would target midfield if I were MK.

Really hard to know how this will go. There are just too many unknowns from a Dublin perspective. We know O Donnell, Smith, McBride, Sutcliffe, Crummy and Dillon can win their man to mans sometimes against Kilkenny, because we have seen it. I would think that most of the others, especially Madden, Gray, Boland and Burke (Connor) will do ok. But I have no idea how Keogh, Hayes, Burke, Moran, O Callaghan will do. They could be brilliant or they might not get a ball. Even the ones that I think can do ok, have to actually do it and there are no guarantees.

The only possible changes I would make would be Dillon on. Maybe for Hayes, but he would be unfortunate. Actually Dillon might fare better coming on. Malone for Moran is a possible. If Keaney is absolutely flying, he might be worth a go at full forward but that would be high risk.

We have options, and Kenny can probably sit on them a while. If it is still tight at half time, we would have real impact options to come. If ever a game was about guys winning their own ball for the first 25 minutes this it. Unlike other years I think we have the ability to push on and win if we find ourselves in a winnable position down the home straight. But we have to be there.

If Keaney dosent make 26 last Saturday it’s highly unlikely he’s flying enough to be put back in at FF this Saturday.

Or he’s playing the best Hurling of his life, scoring 2-8 every AvB game and Kenny didnt want the rest of the country to know yet…? :joy:

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Smyth. O’Donnell O Challaghan

Burke. Madden. Moran

Mcbride. Sutcliffe

Keaney. Crummy. Burke

Hayes. P. Crummy. Trollier

This would be the team I’d like to see line out this weekend.

Kenny said Keaney picked up a knock during the week i think.

People being a bit more than pessimistic here. From some of the comments we have no business being in the same game as Kk. That’s not how I see it. I think if we play to the best of our ability we definitely match them and hopefully come away with a win. It will be very physical but I think we can match that also. We’ve done it before we can do it again. COYBIB

It’s the Croke Park factor I can’t get past in my head. If this game were in Portlaoise, Tullamore, Wexford Park, the Nell etc I would give us a good chance but Kilkenny are masters of Croke Park and always have been. Space suits the most clever Hurlers and they have quite a few. I have it as a 65:35 game in Kilkenny’s favour.

Is Keaney even in the set up lads?


I’d be shocked if the starting team changed much, if at all. Either way he will name the same 15, so we won’t know till throw in. I think he wants a Keogh type player, with the way he has them set up, so if Dillion gets rewarded, then Hayes could be the one to be dropped.

Not a chance O’Donnell gets moved out of full back. Arguably the best full back in the country. Madden could potentially do well on Fennelly, but he won’t be put in full bank.

Kenny is a fan of Gray and he is used as a man marker a lot. When Canning came on last year, Gray was brought on and went straight onto him. I can see him being put onto TJ, and follow him wherever he goes, bar full back!

Hopefully we get the match ups right and give it a right good go. There is always a big performance in this team and we seem to have a stronger panel than previous years, which will help!


Kk to win by 6 to 8 points.