Leinster SHC SF 2016, Dublin v Kilkenny, O'Moore Park Sat Jun 11 @ 7pm

Lets get this one going. Can’t help but remember being behind the goal in the replay when Danny’s low shot seem to get by a dozen legs and into the net.

Not sure what to make of this one, Kilkenny were pretty poor in the league semi-final v Clare but then they do that sometimes in the league. It doesn’t seem to make any difference come the summer. Would hope some of the pace we have can cause them problems but our puck out strategy and lack of ball winners in the HF line is going to be an issue.

Goes without saying that holding TJ Reid and Richie Hogan as much as is possible will be key.

As i was saying before the WX game… we are a 20 score team.

I’d have KK as a 25 score team - at present.

You’d expect KK scorelines along the lines of 1-24, 2-23, 3-22 …

If we can keep the goals out - the 2-19 we notched up the last night will have us damn close to them.

I know you’re gonna say, but that was v a muck WX team… but we’re well able to rack up 20pts alone v anyone (especially if Dotsy can tell the rest of them how to win frees and not be so naive!) … and we seem to have found the net now… and look for it too more often than not when handier pts are on. It ain’t looking too bad up front in fairness if you look at certain aspects.

I honestly BELIEVE we can rattle them. Bit of belief fellas.

The dubs should use the next three weeks working on the technical skills. On a very wet night last Saturday the poor striking and passing was evident. We got away due to the fact Wexford were very poor. You would not get away with this against Kilkenny. This too was evident in the Tipp v Cork game but Tipp where streets ahead of Cork especially with regard to first touch and striking the ball.
On a wet day, the technical skills (or lack of) are apparent. If this is improved on, there is no reason why the Dubs can’t score 25+ scores.

I’d maybe use Durkin and Ryan to get onto the dirty ball, and to utilise puck out strategy.

The Dubs were clearly working on getting the ball in to be direct for goal chances.

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Might not need to worry about Richie Hogan, apparently he may have broken his hand at the weekend playing a club game with Danesfort

I would expect us to go toe to toe with KK. We have a match done and they are without one of their best lads. There didn’t seem to be much fitness issues with the team that I noticed so physically we are in good shape.

The problems for us (against Wexford) were that the ball either wouldn’t come up off the ground or when i did it wouldn’t stay in the hand. A lot of that can be accounted for by conditions on the night but we need to be sure we will do better against KK.

It is good we have a match done before we meet them but you can be Cody has been riding them hard using the loss against Clare to motivate them. They could easily come out like a pack of savage dogs so we would need to be ready for a tough match. I haven’t seen who is refereeing but that could have a big influence on the outcome.

Re Bottlers point above about goals against, this is one area we have improved spectacularly well in recently. Cork got a couple of jammy ones against us in the last few minutes of the league game, but I can’t think of many instances where two or more have been scored against us this year. Even in the two heavyish defeats to Tipp and Kk, they didn’t score goals.

I don’t think that will be enough against KK, but it will be a decent start. If we had Kelly, Cian Boland and the guy who’s name we dare not speaketh, I would be forecasting a win here.

But this is Kilkenny, if they cut loose, it could be serious…

Thank you. :joy::joy:

Your right Peace. There is every chance KK will come out like a pack of savage dogs. In fact we need to believe that is exactly what will happen. Now the trick is we need to be ready for that and demand from themselves that they also come out like something possessed! Meet fire with fire! I’m not for one moment suggesting that we throw caution to the wind. Far from it. Put themselves on the line when tackling. And move the ball at pace. Shift the ball quickly and accurately. Think pace and fitness at this point in the season might be the one area that we are ahead of KK. No doubt that will change come August and September.

Anything to oblige!

Fennelly injured in the same game too.

Not good news for Kilkenny

Feck them, with all due respect, sure they don’t have to worry about spending half their time playing / choosing football. :grin:

He may not have injured his hand if he was playing football but then he may have been forced to give up football when he was 16 anyway … Just saying …:relieved:

Not too worried whether they have injuries or not to be fair. Whatever about our prospects, I’d really like someone else to win the all Ireland this year.

AFL 1-4 fixtures moved to Sunday morning.

Alan correct as usual when it comes to the administration side of things! And to think people doubted you when you said the games would be moved!!

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It would have been an utter PR disaster not to and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Sky deal would play a part. No way would they want competition from local club games on the night of their first championship game of 2016

Just read that Westmeath beat KK in the U-21. The worm just might be turning?