List of offences

Does anyone have an updated list of Yellow, Black and Red card offenses?
These have to be put in the referees report exactly as on this list - but the GAA website hasn’t been updated since 2014, and I think it’s missing a few new ones from it’s list.

I wonder how many of the refs officiating club games are familiar with the above.

Question. If there is a black card, are the offending team allowed bring the replacement on straight away, or do they have to wait for one play to happen before they can make it?

There was another rule that someone told me last week too that I was like, ‘Really?’ cant be true, I’ll come back here when I remember it

The team can make the replacement if the sub is ready to come on. Refs are instructed not to delay the game by waiting for the sub to get ready, slip to be written, etc. This is why you see players very slow coming off the pitch in inter county matches - gives the line a bit of time to get the sub ready :wink: General rule - if the sub is not ready, then play on.

Makes sense so, thank you! There was me telling a ref in our last game that he was supposed to wait, had him second guessing too though…

What were you black-carded for?