Little Things That Went Our Way, 2011-2019

Lads have being saying, including myself, that if such and such a player was not there we would not have won one of the finals, so the idea is what were those little game changing things that gave us the edge over the years, talking more about an incident, a pass, not the way a game went in general.
For example if Ger didn’t slap Star, would we have won in 2011, or if Dean had seen the GPS?


Barry John Keane miss in 2011. Probably seemed more significant to me as I thought it had gone over !
I remember thinking at the time of Brennan’s push on Donaghy that we’d blown it .
2013 - again I thought Declan O Sullivan had scored towards the end!
But I think MDMA getting his hand to the ball before the goal at the end is the most memorable of the decade for me . It just epitomised the desire of the team .


Yeah, that couple of minutes at the end of the 13 semi final were up there with the most dramatic and amazing few minutes of the decade for me.

So much drama and what ifs…
What if Jack Mc hadn’t been penalised for over carrying even though he stopped cos he was fouled?
What if O Sullivan had scored just after?

What if Kerry hadn’t pushed up on the subsequent kick out, forcing cluxton to go long?

What if Mc Auley hadn’t got his hand in ahead of three Kerry players?
What if Kevin Mc had only scored a point/dropped it short with his weak foot?

Still remember the carnage on the hill after that goal went in. It was carnival time after with Diarmo and ogara rubbed the salt in after.

What a fúcking day that was!!


The biggest one for me is Killian Young dropping the ball one on one with Cluxton in 2015, overshadowed by Alans amazing last point for the county immediately after that. If Kerry scores that, it’s suddenly draw game with 4 minutes left & if Kerry goes on to win, they’ve won back to back and are going for 3 in a row in 2016. Would have completely changed the dynamic of the 2nd half of the decade.

Honourable mentions
Connolly getting red card overturned so he could play 2011 Final
Alan getting the interception to set up McManamon’s goal in 2011
O’Connor’s missed frees in 2016 & 2017
2 own goals in 2016 first game
Clarke getting dropped for Hennelly in 2016 replay.
Donal Vaughan getting sent off in 2017
David Clarke putting the ball over the sideline at end of 2017


Kev Mc double hop that wasn’t spotted by the ref near the end in 2011. Think it was just before the brennan push. From memory would have been a scorable free for Kerry at a key time!
Have a feeling he did the same thing in another final also!


For me the sweetest score and passage of play of the 5 in a row run.
In the Lwr Cusack that day with very few Dubs around me, that was game over & we all knew it.


D Vaughan

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Good shout the KYoung moment but if you watch that incident in slow-mo the Dublin backs were always getting across to him before he’d get the shot away.
Actually that reminds me of the Gooch chance/attack late in 2011, think it was with them four up, TOSé spots KYoung in acres of space on the opposite side to where most of the players have ended up.

Young could’ve taken on the shot himself, he had plenty of time but hesitated, then recycled back to the go-to man who then had somebody, Fitz(?) on him. Gooch almost got past the back but physically the back held him off yet at the same time did not do anything silly, and Gooch took a spectacular tumble and looked for the free straight away(decisions like that also are why Kerry got so het-up about Dublin Joe, because he didn’t give them all the marginals they had become accustomed to.)

Also Ger B’s clash with Dec O’S, definitely accidental but looked so bad he could easily have seen red from a dodgy ref. Kerry cried long and hard about that one too. Brennan was seen and dismissed by them as a hard-man.
Al didn’t get that interception, it was one of two brilliant and hugely game-defining intervention moments by MDMA. Al gets the subsequent free from the first one. He just did the sensible stuff with it, moving it fast was what allowed us the overlap/gap into which Kev ran.

There was also the moment after the goal, maybe after Nolan’s point too, where Kerry attacked furiously across and back, and our zonal defence kept their discipline so well. Near the end of it McCauley almost goes in feet first on BJK who is trying to pick the ball up, then at the last second pulls out but Keane goes sprawling, half in expectation of the tackle. Again could’ve been a wrong free decision.

Speaking of Clarke’s ball over the sideline, Kealy did it twice I think against us, the first time was near the end of the 11 final. A big, unusual, blue, navy, and white flag celebrated the moment wildly!


Well said. It also was the epitome of how well and how fast we break from defence so many times over the last decade. But his use of the ball and the run, along with the quality of the finish on a day when simple shots were missed by multiple players, and the context of Dublin getting jittery and Kerry putting huge pressure on, that’s what made it in the top three of scores for me.

That also reminds me of Donaghy backing into MDMA, who was on the goal-line and held his ground, Donaghy goes down sprawling, and screams for a peno. Kerry haven’t stopped moaning about that one whenever that game comes up which also considering Dublin’s dominance in the game really epitomised what terrible losers they were against us.

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Under rated moment there. I’ve no doubt we would’ve lost that game if Mayo had the extra man for the duration of that game.

It was Alan that made that interception, it was Cian who was fouled after collecting the ball

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Diarmuid Connolly’s ball retention and patience in the last eight minutes in 2011 made a huge difference as well .
His card from the Donegal match being rescinded was key .


Ger B scoring a solo point after he carried from deep against Mayo in 2013. We were being out played and Ger had something to prove after theroasting he got in the semi. That score kept us in it when we needed some leadership.

The end of the 2013 final when we were effectively playing with 13 and Mayo not copping it.

K Macs shoulder late in the 2016 semi against the Yerras. Should have been a free in, but we got the turn over and went up the pitch and scored. It was a two point swing as Crowley? was right in front of the sticks before Kevs intervention.

Cluxton’s fingertip save from Murphy in the second half of the 2019 final. Had that gone in, our goose was probably cooked.

Semi final against Kerry in 13. Pretty sure there was one against Mayo as well. :joy:

That clip shows that COS intercepted from KYoung, passed it to Al who passed to Kev.
It was the second interception where MDMA was fouled making the interception and Al took the free.

Dublin’s second-half performance in the drawn game is last year’s final against a Kerry team with forwards might suggest otherwise, in hindsight.

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My recollection is that Cian made the interception.

Declan O’Sullivan narrowly missing off his left in the 2013 semi final. It looked over all day but tailed off at the end. Kerry pushed up on the resulting kick out. Clucko looked to go short but thought better of it. He hammered it long between two Kerry players which MDMA did wonderfully well to break.

Maccer got onto it and the rest is history.

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Alan got his hand to a hand pass and deflected it into Cian’s arm who was then fouled before he set Alan off with a kick pass for Kev Mc’s goal.

MDMA intercepted the ball in the lead up to Kevin Nolans equaliser.

Which one? The one for the goal was indeed COS, I confused it with the second one shortly after