Looking for a club in North Dublin City


I will be moving to Dublin 7 around the end of July for work, and am interested in joining a GAA club around there.

I wouldn’t be interested in playing at a high-level to be honest, it’s just to keep fit and a bit of exercise I guess.

Would any of you guys recommend your clubs?



Careful now - are you any good ?

Parkinson will be on his pod cast soap box giving out about you and the DCB if you are any good ?

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Finbarrs would be close enough?

St Brendans wouldn’t be too far away either. They play in Longmeadows on Conyngham Road

If you want to win things maybe Na Fianna. If you just want a bit of craic try Vincent’s.


Erins isle have a AFL 5 and AFL 10 team if you’re interested :+1:t3:

Ewan back from Brazil? :slight_smile:

Falc… sorry… Bord of Prey getting ready for a stint in the Joy?


They also have hurling teams in Ahl 3, 7 and 9. He did say Gaa club not football specifically :wink:

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Má tá suim agat imirt trí Ghaeilge, bíonn Na Gaeil Óga ag traenáil i bPáirc an Fhionnuisce. Agus cluichí baile i Leamhcán.


Have you a few bob??

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