Looking for a photo

Apologies if this is in the wrong area on the site.

Last years final, when Kev Mc came on in the second half there was a bit of jostling with two kerry players, where they came over to him and tried to lay their mark down early and he was screaming in their faces, kinda like, “I’ll take the two of ye on!” , when i saw it i thought, that will be the caption photo from the day, but it never surfaced or even the clip never surfaced on coverage programmes,

Does anyone have it? Tis one for the frame …

I’d check Sportsfile first . Saw that incident on the AI Final documentary . Possible way of getting it would to upload a recording to your PC and then do a screen grab , maybe mess about with it using Photoshop but I wouldn’t say the resolution would be as good as an actual proper photo taken .

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Yeah he flashed up on that documentary and i had checked Sports File after but nothing. :frowning:

Have you tried Inpho’s website?

Just tried it there, i was looking on the other one (cant think of name…)

Wasn’t on it, although I think these photos are a bit funny…

I take it the photo on the left is post game??? I think the one on the right is in or around the time he came on or shortly after…

My personal favs :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Kev busy attracting more sponsorship



Ha we’re kinda veering off course but i like your path…

there’s a cracking photo out there of Fenton out fielding Moran in the league final. Best photo ive seen in a long time.


Love how we are really getting under Kerry’s skin :wink:

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