Major GAA Announcement - Championship Structure Proposal

So it would seem.

You were right.

It really just amounts to an announcement of a talk about talks though.

So M’eh.

I particularly like this piece.

"GAA Ard Stiúrthóir Páraic Duffy has produced a far-reaching proposal on how best to restructure the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and condense our calendar of inter-county games to give our club championships more room to breathe.

It does.

And first impression is similar to Alan. Also it will do nothing for the weaker counties but is very much weighted in favour of the stronger ones. Seems to be all about more big games at the height of summer, therefore more revenue.

What’s interesting is their declared interest in finishing club championships within the calendar year. How can you do this when you add more games into August and have more counties playing later in the year?

I agree it’s just talks about talks. It’s not the first “major” announcement about changing things. And none of them have really come to anything bar the qualifiers, which didn’t really interfere that much with the normal running of things.

Another thing that stands out in this proposal is the power of the provincial councils. They know they won’t get anything by them that affects their championships so they cannot start to tinker until the last eight. Hence we get this.

Why not go the way the Hurling has gone i.e. Christy Ring, Nicky Rackard etc…

“B” Championships were proposed and shot down by the weaker teams.

Turkeys not voting for Christmas …

Padraig Duffy due on RTE radio News at One to discuss changes shortly

Ó Sé won’t be happy as it does nothing to make Munster competitive and therefore Kerry “not tested” … he never complained that the same just might effect Dublin.

The significant thing is they recognise the need for and are discussing change.

Mind you, it does appear at first glance to be a lick of paint rather than a remodeling.


Awful, it only attenpts to address the easy run to the semi finals some teams get and spreading a couple of games around. Its actually unfair on Ulster sides who have to battle out of Ulster only to play another 3 games to get to a semi final while Kerry and Dublin stroll through theirs.

Nothing about the league in terms of making it meaningful and nothing about the provincials which are not fit for purpose.

I think this shows any proposal to get rid of the provincials won’t get off the ground. I support a group stage but not at the quarter final stage. Crazy idea.

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That new proposal will only create more problems with club schedules. The provincials are outdated. Current format us crazy when most teams play 7 league by April and only at 2 least games in summer. Play the league starting in May

top 4 from Division 1, top 2 from Division 2, top from Division 3 & 4 go into Quarter Finals

Are you happy with the current structure?

Anything that takes players away from their clubs for any longer than they are at the moment I am not happy with.

Truth be told the structure is not the issue. The complete lack of leadership in some counties is. If you look at what Monagahan and Tipp have achieved lately and even the Dublin hurlers in the last fifteen years it’s clear that structure is not the issue. Development at local level is. Most counties are shockingly badly run. Just look at the total waste of the brilliant resources that Clare hurling has. All to feed one man’s ego.

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If an Ulster team gets drawn in the preliminary, I make it that it will take them 9 games to win Sam ?

Then assuming provincial winners -
Dublin 8 (one more than now)?
Kerry 7? (one more than now)?
Galway 7/8 depending on draw?

Tipp in the semis is a huge boost for the game in that county. Would be much more difficult for them to achieve that in the new structure.

This would actually bring us back to where we were pre the qualifiers where shocks were all but non existent.

I can already imagine the giving out about Dublin getting to play two of the last eight round games in Croke Park.

To me this is just a way of admitting that the football championship doesn’t really begin until the last eight, but rather than addressing the underling issues and making a functioning championship/championships, they are going to try and get more games/revenue out of the existing big teams. It will just make the early part of the championship even more uninteresting.

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That’s just about exactly what it is. Rich get richer. Poor get away with not bothering to develop things properly.

Agree that it is a boost being in the semi final. However, would it not be good for the game in Tipp if they were to play 3 of the “top teams” in the group stage?

Not enough change. Won’t make any Difference to all the non contest provincial games. It’s the early part of the c/ship needs restructuring