Major GAA Announcement - Championship Structure Proposal

I think its a big step in the right direction.

Playing extra time for all games should allow for a much better (more fixed) games schedule and therefore allowing club games to be scheduled

Allowing the best teams in the country to play each other is what people want.

The big prize for those outside the ‘big five’ Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone, Donegal & Mayo would be to make the last 8.

My major concern is that the football championship would with 8 extra high profile games totally overshadow the hurling championship.

Would the hurling championship then cancel the All Ireland quarter final stage and introduce 2 groups of 3, with semi finals and then a final?

Fermanagh and Wexford have both made semi finals in the past without any seismic chanage to football in the counties. Tipperary consistently making the last 8 and have 3 games against top class opposition including have a provincial final winner play them at home would in the long term be a much better way to grow the game and a following for football in a county like Tipp.

Nail on the head there Alanoc.
Development at local level leads to county strength.

Exactly, two separate competitions with a legacy hangover. Further proof the provincials are not working. Everybody knows this, even the so called dinosaurs in Congress do.

Load of Sh1t. More club games called off no doubt. A stretched out season already will now go on for longer. It will be a February to February season with this proposal. But the club game is irrelevant to the money men

the 3rd page

(i) the needs of clubs must be taken into account;

what a load of bullshit.

We had the nonsense of player burnout proposals ealier in year. Club players will be left idle for months now

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There a lot of issues currently facing the organisation- how you can say the current structure is not one of them is frankly amazing.
You think it’s ok that:

-8 teams will only play two championship matches each year despite hundreds of hours of training
-8 more will only play three championship matches
-half the teams championships will be over by the end of June
-about 2/3’s of the teams playing in the championship have absolutely no chance of winning it
-there can be gaps as long as 7 weeks between games for some counties
-a team can reach the semi final of the championship only having to play teams at least two divisions below them
-a team can play five O’Byrne cup matches in three weeks in the muck in January, yet then only play 3 championship games over the whole Summer

Come off it. To say it’s “tinkering for the sake of tinkering” smacks of the attitude of what I envision of the type of people who attend congress who are “representing” their clubs and counties. So afraid of change they bury their heads in the sand and pretend a system that is clearly outdated for the current day is still working.

You can have all the leadership in counties you want but the situation above will still happen every single year for some teams. If you were to sit down in the morning with a blank piece of paper and devise a tournament for 32 teams of very differing standards you’d be a long time coming to the current format. The current system is simply not fit for purpose, to argue otherwise indicates a severe case of institutionalisation in my eyes.



That sums how wrong the current format is

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Glad that they’re thinking big but jesus wept as if the competition structure isnt complicated enough as it is. They really need to stop tinkering with each competition and look at the season as a whole imho. American football has a geographically based season that is a lot easier to understand and draws out the entertainment but keeps a short sharp knockout element for the teams who qualify.


I was going to discuss your points until your nasty little dig at the end. Instead I’ll simply recognise your right to your opinion.

Yeah Tayto - was looking at that before and they largely have a short sharp season of approx 4 months and then a couple of weeks break before Superbowl final

Agree with all that bar the 2/3rd’s winning comment. Its a part of sport, few sports have level playing fields. I think the football championship fares relatively well in regard to the amount of teams who can realistically win.

Agreed- I didn’t make that point very well. It’s actually fairly competitive, however I do think there should be 2 (if not 3) tiered competitions. Instead of having Waterford/Clare/Louth in the same competition as dublin & Kerry.

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Haha. Of course you were. Any excuse.

Well you know who I am. Feel free if you see me out and about to discuss your views with me. That’s if I haven’t been institutionalised before that happens.

I’ve absolutely no idea who you are only your name. I take it you’ve been involved on a committee or two in the past given you like to batter people with the rule book when the opportunity presents itself but other than that I only know that you get easily insulted.

While you appear quite happy to do the insulting.

I won’t bother you any more.

Nothing to see here . . . Move along . . .

Have to agree with a lot of the posters here - a major change that does nothing to address the real issues.

The primary issues for me are the inherent unfairness of the Provincial Championships - the Provincial Councils hold too much power and thus the Provincial Championships are going nowhere. As they’re going to remain, the only meaningful way to remove the unfairness is to break the link between these competitions and the All Ireland. This however would undermine these competitions significantly, so again, it’s very unlikely that this link will be broken.

The second issue is the vast difference in standards within the one competition - there needs to be at least one more tier introduced, i.e. a Junior grade. However many of the weaker Counties appear to dislike this option and therefore the chances of it being voted through is negligible.

In that context therefore, I would agree with the many posters that this proposal will simply allow the strong to get stronger and continue to do nothing for the weak. There are plus points of course - there will be more bigger games, and many of these will be played in the Provinces - something to look forward to. Furthermore, it does away with the awful ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides of the qualifiers. It may also allow for the bizarre eventuality of a team losing three Championship games and winning the All Ireland.

Finally, although I don’t think the proposal does much to address the ills of a very stale competition, I would add that the fact that this proposal is there at all is good in that it indicates that the powers that be recognise that things need changed, and are willing to think a wee bit outside the box to do it. Who knows where such progression might lead us in years to come.


Agree with all of that rufus. The theory on the radio last night was they have come up with something, which is far from perfect, but it might have a fighting chance of getting through congress. A starting point, which once through could be modified/improved.

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