Managerial Merry Go-Round 2021/2022

I see Jack O’Connor has left the flour bags. I wonder should Peter Keane be watching his back. Jack says travel from South Kerry is the problem, never bothered Micko.

Kildare had money then.


Was Jack not very unpopular in the Kerry corridors of power? Not a given they’ll automatically give it to him when they’ve finished removing all the knives from PK’s back.

was the helicopter broke?

Which one?

He discovered that they could not defend their way to a Leinster title. Who knew!

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Desperate measures if kerry turning to O’Connor again then again not many contenders for kerry role if Keane goes.

Don’t know why we have a thread dedicated to yet another failed kildare manager.


Got them to a leinster final and back in Division 1 not bad in a 2 year stint with a bad side

And still he failed. Do we have a Davy thread for when he left wexford.

Incredible alright ….

Jack O’Connor is going for the Cork job? :rofl:

Yerra… I thought it was the handiest place to put it!!

Can we not set up a Ronan McCarthy thread…


rename to 2021 managerial merry go round thread ?

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That was what I thought might happen!


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Sounds like a FG process


Such nonsense. What if they recommend Davy Fitz …

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