Managerial Merry Go-Round 2021/2022

Excellent Choice then purely just for the fact it’s pissing off Joe :grin:

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Oh no so Derry will be a blanket defence team now.

You want the devlinside? Isn’t that a bit in excess?

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I’d break my hole laughing if this lad turned up in Derry….

Well lads where’s the Hurls & Sliotars



who’s she

Some performance in the euros in fairness to him

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And they weren’t in recent years? Anyway I don’t see him winning an All Ireland with them but then again I’ve been wrong before.

he’s a good chance with Vera on board

TBF Louth have a decent midfield & forwards but the defence is poor

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its amazing how they see themselves as just that far away from an all ireland final at the very least and this is who they think the missing piece is. I mean its not like it was literally spelled out to them in 2021 how he isnt…


What happened in 2021? If you mean Tyrone winning without him, I think that was the poxiest All Ire won since Cork in 2010.
Look at how they’ve gone since and tell me that’s any better than under MH. It clearly isn’t. Mickey in fairness to him in 2018 changed his approach. They lost by 7 but they went out against the greatest team ever at their peak after taking a hammering the year before, and took the game to them and made a real contest of it.
This Derry team may be as good as that Tyrone team, at least, and are not up against the greatest.

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Derry weren’t far off this year and judging by the miracle MH worked at Louth, he still has plenty to offer. This could be a great move for Derry.



I don’t see it, but maybe it’s just me. As you say he suffered a hammering in the semi and then we had by far our most conformable final win against him.

I’d say what happened to Tyrone in defending their all Ireland was unprecedented on the way there was such a dressing room implosion. My memory of his last few years, even if he may have changed is that they couldn’t wait to be rid of him and the view when they won the all Ireland was that the fresh faces did it.

They also beat kerry and mayo to do it, like we used to and did this year but I’d say they were more lucky in the final than a soft all Ireland as mayo had what can be charitably called a bad day at the office.

If louth can build next year and if Derry don’t progress, which means all Ireland final, do we say its a failure? I just think its a bad move for them, but I also think donegal have made a bad move in going for the saviour, I think they are both yesterday’s men.

My point is you’re ignoring that their performance in 2018 was miles better than 2017, plus it showed MH could get a team with some quality to play a more attacking game and not get hammered. And that was against the best of all time at their peak

I’m not ignoring it, and yes it was but we were never that pushed in the final of 18 and the 7 point win was a stroll, it could have been a bigger defeat than 2017 had the lads decided to go down that road.

But he was also there as manager for the following years and the TCB decided that he wasn’t bringing them on, and perhaps that 2018 was the best they were going to get out of him. He asked for one extra year (ironically) but they said no.

Its probably going to be one of those “if only” questions, you see teams improve after a managerial change and you see people saying how the new manager won with the old managers team etc.

And, lets face it, Louth in Division 4 showed there weren’t a queue at his door either and the manner in which he has left them doesn’t say much.

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