Managerial Merry Go-Round 2021/2022

They are available now though.

The story of them being on holidays is a lie. The holiday is over and those players played.

Fenton is largely an outlier and Raheny are not entitled to his presence no matter what some believe. He has every right to have a few weeks or months or whatever it is away.

Mannion I believe is not going to miss much of the championship so he will return also.

And based on todays evidence there are not many players skipping out on their club games so I’m not sure what the issue is today.

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Where is it a lie though . Your over egging it now. That’s hyperbole

The story of them being on holidays at present. That simply isn’t true and those photos were from last week.

There is as many unavailable as were reported to be away . I didn’t see a list of 10 players reported to be away .

While I am biased there is a lot of bad feeling over this in Raheny.

I again completely appreciate and support his decision to take time off to focus on himself but the situation was poorly handled. I think it would have been made worse if the Raheny manager wasn’t so supportive of his decision to travel but needless to say it’s been a massive distraction for the team.


Honestly why is there bad feeling over a fella going away?


Whether you agree or not with the feeling, you can surely understand why some would feel let down by this.

Like any team, Raheny have aspirations to do well in C’Ship and had a strong league campaign and to find out 2 weeks before your first C’Ship game your best player is choosing to not be available. It is hardly going to improve morale especially when you are up against arguably the best club side in the country.

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The guy is on the go since 2015!!! Seven years!!! He’s a fcukin gentleman. He has given club and county EVERYTHING!

Some of the stuff here would blow your mind.

He has put Raheny back on the map in the last few years. There are hundreds of instances of him doing stuff with the club. His contribution to Dublin and Raheny GAA on and off the pitch is legendary. You must have some really small minded people there. I thought they all moved to Marino years ago.

Christ …


This bolloxology about club is just nonsense at this stage. The ‘club’ being held up as the whiter than white part of our games.

What about the thousands of players that get treated like shite at their clubs? Lads who never miss training but are fcuked over for soccer players who don’t train. Or rugby players. What about the managers taking five figure sums out of clubs - many who are spoofers who haven’t a clue. What about the politics that see certain lads always picked. Or because the Da is the manager. What about the cliques. What about the Exec Committees - members who wouldn’t kick snow off a rope suddenly feeling a bit of power. Selectors who wouldn’t pick their nose. What about the clubs that are badly run. The clubs that entice lads meaning their own lads who come through the ranks have less opportunity. Some here even reckon the clubs own their players.

What about the IC lad who has broken his bollox since February and come club Champo sees 7/8 lads fcuk off on J1s. Or just travelling. Nobody says anything to these lads. Rightly.

Jaysus I fully accept that there are huge issues between IC and club but let’s not put everything at the door of the IC scene. Don’t point the finger at lads who play intercounty when hundreds of other lads are treated like crap in their clubs - and they’re often the most loyal ones .


There’s no list but there was over speculative posts on this forum suggesting that lads were about to miss the opening round of championship as there was a photo of them on holidays during the week posted closer to the start of the games. Was about 10 lads in it, every single one of them played for their club this weekend. I believe that is the bollocks he is calling out and rightly so.

On another topic, I don’t think there will be a time frame to run off the GAA schedule where it keeps everybody happy, it’s impossible. However one thing is certain and that’s that the original model of fixtures and time frame was too long with seasons practically running 11/11.5 months of a year for any decent level team. Couple of weeks at Christmas as there’s literally no choice but to have one at this time, and then it’s back to preseason. I seen teams playing in division 3 this year starting back on Stephens Day!! That is complete and utter madness in my view and I as a player I’ve had a pain in my hoop with having so little time off from playing. Something has to give there.


Especially the one in London.

Clifford hardly heading off to the Sun with a little sprog in tow? Be another year before he’ll be ket out of the country, minimum.

Jaysus. Not your finest hour horse

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Ah now, Whelo and David Henry had Raheny on the map before him. And David Hickey too. Im sure plenty others, its not my neck of woods! Rest I agree with. He’ll be back for the other 2 group games won’t he? They should beat Synger, Ballinteer be a tighter one. If I was from Raheny id be more worried about having to play Ivory in nets ! Unless he’s injured, chap is a HF is he not

Spilt season is defpo the best solution all-round, IMHO

FFS! I loves me county…
I’ve said a couple of direct challenging things to Rebels about opinions relative to not being first and foremost a Dubs follower, but in the words of 'Arry in In Bruges, “that’s goin ovabohhhard mate!!” :open_mouth:

Thought the comment saying Fento Raheny on the map was way off the mark.
I don’t think it has been ruled out completely that he would be back for later games mid travels.
Ivory in goals was a choice. It worked well in League and mgmnt stuck with it.
There are other key players heading off on travels but going after club games

I’ve no skin in the game and don’t care either way but wonder would the reaction be the same if Fenton said he was going travelling May to July and wanted to be back in time for Raheny SFC run.


He put Raheny on the map are you for real…. Fento is a legend and been honest I don’t have much I’ll feeling towards him going away he does so much for the club he is entitled to do a bit of traveling and no one knows his personal circumstances of why he had to go now and best of luck to him

But to say fento put raheny on the map :joy::joy::joy: even fento would laugh at that

Stupid comment


He’s just an embarrassment.

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