Managerial Merry-go-Round

I think a thread exists for this but cannot find it. Please let me know if it does, and shut this. Anyway, Mikey Cahill for Waterford and a big ticket going to Westmeath!

Liam Cahill for Waterford is it?

Yes. Apologies!

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Quirke heading to Laois according to himself on the Second Captains podcast.

Shane O’Brien taking Westmeath Hurlers.

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Any other Kerry players want to taking a Leinster team :kissing_closed_eyes:

Maybe Donaghy for Louth ?

Sure aren’t they all volunteering their services, time and effort for the love of the game and to save us all from that nasty AIG crowd.


Paddy Christie part of the new Tipperary management team.

Betting suspended on Davy to Galway.

Galway board have lost their fucking mind

Is he in?

Seems to be the feeling

Football or Hurling?

Ah SuperDubSub!!! Davy smallball. I hear Rochford, Divilly and Joyce in big ball?

That Q was about Paddy Christie in Tipp :joy:

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Ok found the answer … turns out Tipp are bringing in the big guns. Power was the manager of the Tipp Minor team that beat our superstars in 2011

Galway and Davy be interesting fit. Loughnane left not greatly loved, but then who has :slight_smile:

Not getting into the whole Davy thing again. His record speaks for itself. he knows what he is at.

However, is this a bit of desperation on part of Galway if it happens? they have tendency to ritually slaughter managers who disappoint them, as nearly all do, and then bring in a saviour and then turn on him.

Maybe Davy is not as sensitive as he seems!

That a serious backroom. Power managed Wexford a couple years but don’t think done much with me.

Galway hurlers like football counterparts have a soft underbelly. If takes Galway role can’t use the excuse of having no ball winning forwards putting mass bodies behind the ball.

A match made in hell. A team with the best full back in Ireland now has a manager who is going to try to install a sweeper. I hope Burke tells him to fock up with that shit.