Managerial Merry-go-Round

Go way out of that. Eoghan O Donnell is the best full back in Ireland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe he is tired of the sweeper system and that’s why he is thinking of going to the Tribesmen?

Davy’s wallet… Sorry his heart … Is torn between the empty pockets and the exhausted hurlers of Wexford and the green pastures of Galway with a team who can actually get to an allIreland final.

Also has the added advantage that when the players must pay homage to the demented one in his kitchen it’s a better spin down the M18 as opposed to the cross country pilgrimage the Wexford lads faced.

Another three years and out for davy? Let’s see…

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And this is why Galway could never have hired Davy:


Someone just pointed to the Elephant in the Corner.

It surfaced a year or two about officials misusing credit cards. Reading between the lines would appear to be more serious than lads bringing their families on weekends.

Imagine if AIG issued a similar statement about DCB! There would be fkn Dáil Committees set up.


You’ll never get that kind of carry on in DCB. Costello’s Aston Martin is even two years old.

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Apparently the Supermac family - can’t remember their name - were spooked by story that TV are doing an investigation into GCB finances,

They’ve sponsored Galway for decades and are obviously majorly p1ssed off that they might be associated with any sort of malpractise. Especially as it is their money being misused.

But what is it to supermacs at the end of the day ? they are paying the money and getting what they want out of it Galway county board can do what they want with the money providing they hold up their end of the sponsorship bargain ?

Or am I missing something ?

Supermacs calling for an inquiry this isn’t like the fai and the sports council that’s completely different as it’s tax payers money but supermacs money is private money. I don’t see the basis they have to call them out albeit they are correct in doing so as it looks dodgy as ■■■■ down that way.

Obviously the family - McDonaghs - are connected with Galway GAA beyond whatever commercial advantages they get. And I doubt they outweigh whatever they put in.

So they could just have kept stum but are obviously reacting to what they are hearing from others in Galway regarding what has been going on.

As for their money, they have lots of it but they were giving it to GCB to support the association and county teams, not corrupt individuals. Without putting too fine a point on it.

€250k a year. Our lads wouldn’t get out of bed for that.

It’s a lot of carvery lunches and hotel stays to “support” the teams, all on the county board credit card.

€250 k for Dublin would probably barely cover the lads Netflix bills, pizza takeouts and tanning sessions.

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Is this a football or hurling merry-go-round, or both?

Anyways, it would appear that Mick Dempsey is not due to return to the KK hurling set-up. That’s about as integral a part of their management team that they could lose outside of Cody. Interesting segment on the potential repositioning of the jigsaw for 2020.

I suspect they are also supporters

or the chest waxing, hair dye and eyebrow plucking

these things win all irelands apparently…

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There rumours Dempsey could link with Laois as part as of Michael Quirke backroom team. He did manage Laois around 97 before went to Kilkenny.

kilkenny lads must be tired of cody at this point. Looks like a manager who doesn’t know when to quit. Only so long even the best managers can go on for

maybe he should be the one going … great manager but has all the charisma of an East German shot putter these days


The most successful manager ever!!!

He may be but as the song says, ‘ya gotta know when to walk away’ and he doesn’t seem to. If he is waiting to go out on a high, it might not go well.

TBF he just got KK to another All Ireland final, hardly at crisis point.


I’m content to watch this space Roger. I think the Cats over-performed this year. They are one T.J. away from not getting out of Leinster.