Marching On Together - The Leeds United Thread

Leeds United have appointed Garry Monk, the former Swansea City manager, as Steve Evans’ successor. Monk is setting a target of promotion to the Premier League after joining the club on a one-year rolling contract.

He becomes the 7th head coach appointed by Whites chairman Maximo Cellino since he took over the club in 2014

Leeds have had 6 managers since Jack Wilshire last completed a full 90 minutes for Arsenal!!!

Yet he tweeted after Evans was let go that you’d want to be mad to work for Cellino…

I hope his contract is water tight!

Better than the usual one week rolling contract …

They held a press conference yesterday to announce his sacking.

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Feel bad for Evan’s. I think he did alright with what he had at his disposal and picked up some decent results.

Monk is a good signing IMO. Did well to keep Swansea up and then brought them on the following year. His last was disappointing. It’s a year rolling contract and hopefully he gets some new faces in and we can get a good run next year.

No odd’s on PP for promotion but outright winner we are 25/1.

Agree with a lot of that Couchy. Felt sorry for Evans. He showed a bit of passion which is more than can be said for many of the players, who were already there when he came. I think Monk is a good appointment myself, but ultimately investment in the squad and the time and space given to him by the Chair will be major factors that he will struggle to influence and could still be his undoing - just like many of the others!!

Leeds United have appointed Pep Clotet as head coach Garry Monk’s assistant, while Darryl Flahavan has been appointed goalkeeping coach.

Clotet, 39, was also Monk’s number two during his time in charge of Swansea. The Spaniard, who has also coached in his homeland and Sweden, was linked with the head coach’s job at Brentford last November.

Flahavan, 37, is taking up his first coaching position after spells with Southend and Bournemouth

Leeds opening fixture is being televised on Sky -

QPR v Leeds United (Championship), Sunday August 7, 12pm

and so the torture begins again…

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Leeds on TV at high noon on Sunday … Here we go again!!

Indeed BW - one match played, bottom of the league. Have been in work today and will get a look later, but was it as bad as I’m hearing?

It was awful. QPR impressive and much better than Leeds, who conceded in the opening minutes. Leeds keeper Rob Green didn’t exactly cover himself in glory for it either.

Score could even have been worse as QPR also hit the woodwork a couple of times at least. . Leeds had little or no attack, with no attempt on target in the 1st half, badly need a quality striker

Got a look - you’re not wrong!! :worried:

I’d have to say - telling stat before the match started - spending on players in over the Summer - £4.5 million; money in from sales £10.5 million. The team wasn’t good enough last year and will go nowhere with that lack of ambition. As an example, Green on a free - does he really offer more than Silvestre?

Another win in the whatever-they-call-it cup, at home to Blackburn in the next round.

Has the Monk turned it around ??? Note to self…this is Leeds, cop on !!! Well at least that’s two in a row which will hopefully do something for confidence. I admit I did not see them getting anything out of Sheff Weds after their two previous performances which were disgraceful…two shots on goal in 180 mins…anyway forever hopeful, Marching on…

The worrying thing for me was that Monk was likely to get the bullet if we had lost at Hillsborough, which although not surprising, would have been a disgrace. How can the manager - indeed any manager - operate effectively under those sort of conditions?

Three consecutive defeats for a great club like Leeds is unacceptable Rufus. He’s lucky he’s not back in ancient Rome or he’d lose more than his job … :confused:

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As is the owner’s way of thinking?

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“Owner” & “thinking”, in the one sentence … a rare occurrence where Cellino is concerned!!

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