Marching On Together - The Leeds United Thread

Rumours are just that , looks like as expected local boy will get obviously is City bound
Rapphina a problem as Barcelona and agent just feel a tube of lubricant us enough to get a deal over the line
Horrible sport , know your place , Leeds have to do what’s best for them just as the players will
Just hate Barcelona and Real Madrid , they’ve a horrible way of doing business

Can’t blame them really, if the other clubs let them away with it then why not? If Leeds offered 50% of the asking price for a class player and got him, we’d be laughing our heads off.

It’s up to the selling club to stand it’s ground and demand a proper fee. They also need to be careful about the level of buy out clause they agree to when negotiating a contract.

Business is business I get that but those two more than most have turned it into an art form in destabilizing players , get the player disgruntled for months n months before a move always in public

Do city need him though

From the outside looking in you’d swear City are afraid Leeds might be a threat so they bought their best player

Won’t play a lot at City in my view

Very much doubt we even enter discussions about potential threats , will he get past players like Rodri and if so how often ?
Feel weve been done a bit on the price , not that its bad money or that I feel hes actually worth more , definitely a case when you see the market at the moment.
For Leeds fans not a great day when he signs ,but been there before ,worn the t-shirt

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Love to think that was the case but ……. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

As for will City play him, seriously doubt it. Not at the start anyway, more likely to be sprung from the bench for someone like KdeB, when City are 2 or 3 up and want to shut the game down.

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Leeds squad reported back for pre-season training this morning

Is Bamford injured yet?


Give him time. Hes only putting his crutches away

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Fell in the car park :wink:

Tripped on his laces

To settle a bet…is Marc Roca related to Michelle Roca ?

New Leeds logo on Ayling’s top is a bit naff.

Just like his hair

Which one is Ayling?(and no, I don’t mean Bamford)

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White hoodie top, 3rd down.

Sher that’s the best top of the 4! Simple, bright, classy

Saw two separate interviews on Sky , few hours apart same interviewer but different so called expert
Philips Raphinnia NEED to move to get to the next level , champions league fighting for honors etc
*OK get that
Next interview , Leeds need to get quality in to move up the table and challange for europe etc

Now is it me but how can both of those be right ?

It’s you Damo ……. You are expecting Sky to make sense buddy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Kalvin Phillips has completed his move to Manchester City, with City paying £42m plus £3m in add-ons, on a six year deal.

Arrived as a 14-year-old Leeds fan. Departs a promotion-winning hero and adored by the fan base.

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