Marching On Together - The Leeds United Thread

Has to be blackmail ……

I guess that why :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
Harrison levels it. 2-2

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Some goal jaysus

Harrison reminds me of a broken clock getting the time right , Ayling been seriously exposed, knows he’s beaten for pace yet still throws himself in head first and turned

Thought that was a big shout for peno ?

Agree with that and you can add Firpo to that list, he a liability in defence, how he’s not exposed more is beyond me

Well worth a shout. Have definitely seen them given as they say.

Anytime I see Rutter so far the word clumsy comes to mind … haven’t seen a sniff of why they paid such a fee


Would’ve taken a point before the game and the fact they went behind twice, it’s a decent result but the other results haven’t done us any favours

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Yep other results really hurting , but there is a stage you just have to take care of business yourself, Leeds have been incapable of that all season

I’m sick n tired all season watching Leeds players putting the ball over the bar from in and around the box


Tyler Adams has suffered a hamstring injury in training and will miss Saturday’s game at Wolves.

Also ruled out of international duty with the USA.

Saw that on SKY , been one of the better players very solid in defence offers very little up front

Harrison…… 1 nil

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2 up. Luke Ayling

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3-1 Kristensen

3-2 , at 3-0 up park a fookn bus for Christ sake , we couldn’t park a flippin Reliant Robin

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:red_square: for Jonny of Wolves

4-2 Rodrigo :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Won 4-2, which moves Leeds up to 14th.

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