Master Fixture Dates List

Does anyone know if the County Board have published the Master List for fixture dates please?
i cant find it on the website
Thanks very much.

Not out yet afaik.

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Nope. Not out yet

I can’t imagine it will change much from last years? Same format re championship and league so i’m guessing it will be pretty much the same.

email from CCC yesterday…

Fixture Calendar.

Further to several enquiries re the 2019 fixture calendar the following is the current position; the inter-county fixture calendars for 2019 were received later than usual, as a result the process of building our domestic calendar around Dublin’s inter-county commitments is still ongoing. The C.C.C. expect to have our club games calendar completed within the next week or two and to present it to County Committee for ratification before the end of January. The plan at the moment is to commence AFL / MHL competitions on February 17th and AHL / MFL competitions on February 24th.

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Their plan at the moment . Could change so

Any ideas when league listings are officially confirmed? Will it only be when fixtures announced. Really just lower league query but with teams withdrawing or clubs going from 3 to 2 teams or 3 to 4, usually tends to be bit of juggling around by dcb.

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Still no sign of master fixture list . Even the underage is out a couple of weeks ago .

Submission of teams closes today, calendar will follow before the end of the month according to last DCB email.

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Very late this year . They could at least give dates so holidays etc can be organised

Submission of teams doesn’t affect the master fixtures. Poor enough not having it released as of yet with players/management trying to plan their year ahead with holidays etc.

Agree totally

The most thankless task in the GAA is organizing a club calendar.Cubs are bottom of the heap. Behind county squads, colleges and even development squads in some cases.

Cut them a break. They’ve already explained the situation.

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Unfortunately this is true

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It was a poor (and not entirely truthful) explanation.

A PC can churn out a master fixture list in a second. Another second to allocate teams to the fixtures.
Exceptions can be added to any formula.

If the current brainpower in the DCB can’t handle it, they need to get new people in.

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The issue is dates, not fixtures. I;m well aware of the power of a PC :wink:

What’s the difference this year with dates to any other year . Genuine question ?

still awaiting the inter county fixture list I think is what was said to be holding it up

Yes. That was delayed. And has had a knock on effect.

After being clubbed?