Master fixture list

Anyone any idea when the master fixture list is out? Thanks

As per email from CCC it’ll be a week or two. Late arrival of inter county calendar has slowed things down.

Leagues started mid Feb last year - can we expect them to start a week or two later this year ?

No. Mail says AFL Feb 17th and AHL 24th Feb.

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where does it say this?

In the mail

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Email sent to club secs earlier today.

Club Secretaries have Master Fixture Plan now. It has to be ratified at County Committee Monday!

Got it earlier. So is it subject to change still?

When does championship start?

Still starting the weekend on the 22nd ?

Hurling 3rd to 6th & 17th-19th
Football the other 2 weeks
Round 1 is a draw. Round 2 will be winners vrs winners and loosers vrs loosers
Aim is to avoid dead rubber 3rd rounds of games in the group

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Of April I presume?

Sorry, yes April.
No games Easter Saturday to Monday. Games are Wed to Friday before so all Round 2 will be midweek

Some dubious dates there. League game clashing with Wexford game by my workings

Can anyone tell me the proposed dates for the first 2/3 adult club league games please ?

24th Feb, 10 Mar and 24 Mar (Hurling)

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My post referred to Championship in April

I was referencing the master list a round of games clashing with Wexford game but it turns out its a Sunday game, still clashes with junior games though

Did we not clarify last year it’s a football dominated county

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