Master Fixtures 2019

Five weeks to New Year’s Eve … Happy New Year all …

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I see the All-Ireland Final is set for the 1st of September. I thought that it was being moved back into August?

Not that I’m complaining!!!

First ever All Ireland Final on a Friday night.

How do you figure that?

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: you’re letting me down Heffo …

Probably, But I am none the wiser…

:fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

I’ll leave you to it.

Anyone know when the dates for the Leinster championship fixtures will be available. Being encouraged to book a week away in May so would hate to miss out

@Spanner have a look at this

Thanks, I’ve seen that alright. It gives the fixture list but not the dates. I think the Leinster final is around the 22nd June but can’t find any other dates for the earlier rounds.

All the dates are in the column after the venue??? :thinking:

Oops. That’s the problem with trying to view downloads on a mobile without your glasses. Apologies and thanks.

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Following on from this year, it will ensure that club games will not have to be played in a mad rush into December…

Of course it will.

Contraction of inter county schedule means only one thing: lack of top quality games over a longer period. Great way to promote the flagships of the GAA.