Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?

If often said that if Ireland were playing tiddlywinks, that I would support them. I love the idea of people giving their maximum effort to represent our flag and country.

I can’t however, warm to either UFC or Conor McGregor at all. To coin a phrase, if he was fighting out my back garden, I’d draw the curtains. I think he’s crude and often his sport is nothing short of barbaric. Like dog baiting for humans!

I gather I will again be in the minority here, as judging by Facebook, he’s revered as a national hero. He and his ilk just aren’t my cuppa tae!


I can understand why people wouldn’t like him or his sport.

I personally like watching the UFC and think that McGregor can be over the top but I think that a lot of it is by design to improve his paydays and/or to get into the mind of his opponents. I think he does that very successfully.

My impression is that behind it all he’s a very intelligent man and one who has taken a very strict and cerebral approach to his craft.

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Absolutely no interest. But good luck to him.

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Brilliant at what he does . I watch and enjoy UFC myself without claiming to be that knowledgable on it
But he comes outside as an uneducated lout
. I don’t think he’s intelligent at all just a brilliant proponent of what he does best .
He has a captive audience of idiots who follow him around the globe and he milks it.
Starting out he was just brash like a lot of boxers which was fine .
Now the trash talk is just endless profanities that aren’t even funny anymore just boring. But the chimps don’t mind

I don’t think his trash talk is indicative of his intelligence. I think his intelligence is shown more in his approach to his fighting. His approach to it all shows a man very curious in developing what would be considered unorthodox fighting methods and training camps

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I think his talents and intelligence are in the part of the brain that controls hand and feet. And that’s what counts really .

Outside that I think he’s a base individual with very little to offer intelligence wise but he appeals to the chimps who boost his net worth so at that level he’s extremely intelligent

Without knowing much about MMA . I do know a fair bit about boxing as I did it in my youth and Alvarez hadn’t even got basic boxing defence which would make you question the quality of a UFC weight division where he’s the champion . He was like a one armed drunk .

Mc Gregor has the last laugh anyway must be worth 50m by now

I enjoy good UFC fights although their are some very bad ones also. But i find parts of the UFC especially build up to fights and weigh ins nauseating at times, Some of the Irish crowd that follow mcGregor get caught up in the hype also and at times can be vulgar and embarressing not something you would want your kids near.
But when that is stripped away, McGregor is a brilliant fighter who is very skillful to watch. His training and conditioning is exceptional.
Boxing in America went downhill many years ago and UFC is spectacularly filling that void. You are talking about a country that voted in Trump, so it’s not hard to see why over the top selling of a Sport/Brand/brawls is what Americans are craving
For the UFC owners McGregor is gold right now.
They have a product to sell that they know is a winner and can generate for them ridiculous amounts of money, but they have very little personal capable of maximising it’s returns.
McGregor stands head and shoulders above the rest in this regard and fits the bill perfectly, he can walk the walk , thrash talk, huge Irish and Irish/American following .But for me problem is now going forward how much more does McGregor push the boundries to keep creating the shock and awe factor.
Personally I say good luck to him, he has trained his arse off and produced some great fights in the Octogan and I wouldn’t begrudge him his fortune.
But their is a lot to the UFC that’s not sport at all and a bit like the Americans holding up placards saying Trump is not their president.
McGregor doesn’t represent me when he talks about the Irish and says We .

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Nail on the head there NavySeal.

He is certainly not a national hero to me, or anyone I know. I have zero interest in his so called sport.

Well , I don’t follow it myself . But ya have to hand to him , he is making the most out of an incredible opportunity . From been on the dole to this is incredible . Set for life now & a baby on the way . If he had any sence he should give it a year or two more & bow out . Looks like he wants to be part of the management in the company now . Considering how much money he made for them I don’t see why not .

A baby on the way? Christ… He ain’t no family man… At least he’ll have no problem finding a baby sitter while he’s off snorting coke off hookers, he’s a horrible excuse of a human and I’ve no time for him whatsoever


Its all a pantomime man , I wouldn’t get too worked up over it .

I’ve personally witnessed him cheating on his girlfriend that he supposedly loves so much, multiple times, in a certain nightclub he frequents often after a win, that isn’t pantomime, that’s just being a dick. Funny thing is, a hundred other people saw it and couldn’t care less…

Not my cup of tea at all, neither the sport or the man.

Don’t like that sport at all. It’s brutish and I cannot understand anyone wanting to watch it close up. But each to his own and all that.

Whether you like him or not you’d have to laugh at the people saying he’s the best Irish sports person of all time. :roll_eyes:


Well that’s something altogether different , obviously I wasn’t aware of this as I don’t socialise anyway where he would be .

Given his love for the flashing the bling aspect of it all, the excess, the fur coats, the cars…added to the piss poor manner in which the UFC seems to take care of its fighters, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it all ended badly for him.

In 5 years time, will he be another broke, washed up has been fighter, slurring his words due to all the punches to the head, all but forgotten about, when a flashier, far more brazen, newer, new kid on the block appears? The world of boxing is littered with such sad characters.

Or will he have the last laugh, sitting in his UFC CEO’s penthouse on 5th Avenue, awash in a sea of cash, laughing at all the dopes who bought his showman act for so long?

Time will tell I suppose.

I would be interested to see what the medical histories of mma fighters versus boxers are. I would guess that it’s too soon to tell but my feeling would be that boxers have more medical issues in later life as they would take far more punches to the head than mma fighters.

As I said when you’re dealing with chimps the base line of intelligence is pretty low .
However you’d have to say plenty of GAA players aren’t exactly pure so … I think when someone enters the spotlight a lot of them become dickheads