MDMA Retires

Thanks a million for the memories Michael Darragh.

An absolute legend who was one of the main reasons that we turned it all around in 2010 and became such an unbeatable team. .

8 All irelands in a 11 year Dublin career says it all


I thought when Whealo retired who would be our main man in midfield. Then MDMA came along and in the league game against Kerry he took no shit.

A huge and important player for us. Legend. Juggernaught of power . In his words… unbelievable.



His retirement tweet is excellent. Low key, the opposite of the recent retirement statements. Always a man to walk his own path. A real gentleman anytime I meet him with the kids, chatty , good craic , genuine empathy with youngsters , a great teacher and advocate for the disadvantaged. A warrior on the field and a crusader off the field. He brought something unique to the team. I really feel we are seeing the changing of the guard now. Unbelievable!


Very unusual style of play at times, but jaysus it was effective. A gentleman too, had a funny “run in” with him in the hoganstand years ago, certainly up for the craic.

Enjoy the lie ins sir!


unbelievable - Thanks MDMA


His best years for us was 2011 and 2013 where he was simply immense, especially 2013.

Big contributions off the bench in finals 2015, 2016, 2018

In recent years, It often looked like he was finished as a starter but then would come back the next year and become a starting midfielder again for many games, 2019 for example. Very driven player

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A player who wasn’t the most skilful but his style of play and his direct running was very effective and he offered something nobody else could.
A player who certainly got the most & best out of himself, I’m sure he will be missed around the group.

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What a player!A powerhouse at midfield. Frightened defences with his powerful solo runs. Non stop “duracell” stamina. Scored a very important goal against Laois in 2012 at a time when the team was going badly, even if he was going for a point. One of the main drivers of the come back against Mayo in same year and POTY in 2013. Enjoy the retirement Mick. You deserve it and we’ll remember you for a long time.

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I saw him playing ( maybe his first Dublin game) in Parnell Park against Wexford in the O’ Byrne Cup…possibly 2008 or 2009. He was playing like a demon, tackling Wexford players like it was an Ireland final - they were getting really wound up by him !. He really stood out for me, a lot of Dublin players at the time were more talented but not many would be bothering their arse in an O’Byrne cup game. A great player in my opinion , I joined in all the jokes about his less than accurate kicking but it didn’t matter, he more than made up for it.

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Class act. Part of the always getting better mental that goes with the Dublin squad at present. Gave everything to the cause and fully deserves to put his feet up

When Gilroy rebuilt the team the 2010 he was looking for new leaders. MDMA was one of the first to step up. Excellent leader who never hid. As said previously winning the breaking ball v Kerry in 2013 for Kevin Mc goal summed him up. Along with Cormac Costello made a big impact off the bench 2016 AI final replay. I remember him fisting over the insurance point in the breakthrough game v Tyrone 2010 and soluting the hill. He scored similar point when came off the bench in 2018 against Tyrone again. Played his first and last game for Dublin against Kerry. He never lost a championship game against the kerry boys in his 6 championship appearances against them.


A hero on and off the pitch.
Thanks for all of the memories.

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In a team of ‘robots and gym monkeys’ Mick was the most unorthodox and unconventional of them all. His basketball background and relatively late conversion to GAA – he used to hide in the house when the coaches called – his unique dress sense and love of hip hop were all part of the make up that contributed to make him the unique character that he was. Personally too he went through more than a young man should have to but always kept the good side out.

Rampaging is probably the word that suits him best. At his best he simply could not be stopped. His contribution over the years was immense. Plenty of important scores, majestic fielding, robust tackling and always 100% committed. For me the moment that summed him up best which others have mentioned – was the last gasp pawing of the ball to Kevin Mc in 2013. That epitomised MDMA – never giving up, always at the heart of things and getting that vital intervention. Indomitable.

While Mick might be lost to Dublin GAA he is not lost to the city and will continue the fantastic work he does in the NEIC. Thanks for the great memories MDMA – you most certainly did it your way.


Legend , Great Player and Great attitude

Warrior and an integral part of our success. Thanks for the memories Mick

Think he is the sort of player that shows how important a good manager is, I reckon a lot of people would never have given him the chance to play for Dublin, but somebody spotted something in him and knew he could do a job and he went on to prove them right, his interceptions will always stand out for me, he won some ball that many would not have even bothered going for. Even though we lost, his 2nd half perfomance against Mayo in 2012 was as spectacular as they get.

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Mick was and still is so many different things to different people. What an in his own word unbelievable character. His on field contribution was always 100%, his off field often went beyond. He dedication and application were immense. I remember him going arse over tit on his bike and it ruling him out through injury, that would not have gone down well. The following year I’m heading to the shop with the young lad on the morning of an AI semi final, my lad spots Mick and gives a big hello Mick to him, I look around and here’s Mick skateboarding to the shops, he give the customary Howiya to my young lad by name, his engagement with the young members in the club is superb. Just one of the good guys, unless he’s playing against your club, then!!! Enjoy the retirement and look forward to a pint in the club when we can.


The legend takes his bow