Media releases threads - a new way of doing things

With the new forum, I was just thinking of a way to make the GAA news thread more user friendly.

Obviously, we’re open to suggestions on this but I think we might be better served by doing the following:

  • having a separate thread for each pundit who has weekly pieces (our pals like Jim McGuinness, Darragh Ó’Sé, Tomás Ó’Se etc)
  • having a separate thread for each publication (Irish Times, Examiner, Indo etc)

I just think it will make it easier for users to locate specific posts instead of having to delve through one meandering thread.

Any other suggestions?

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When you share a link it “should” populate the link like what Facebook does

or maybe not … ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As in it should have a photo and the headline attached rather than a .html link?

I thought it was going to pull in a pic and title of the article …

i might be doing it wrong tho …

Article example here

Did this with dubsandclubs site (before Falcon ruined it and we had to turn it off).

Ended up being a bit too much pulling in all the RSS feeds.

I don’t think we’ll be posting every GAA newspaper article so hopefully it won’t be overkill.