Membership fees

What’s the average membership fees for a Dublin club? Heard a friend of mine, A junior playing member.what they were told early January that there membership was going to be. I personally wouldn’t pay it. Went up by a hundred euro.

Including the direct debit to the manager or is that separate?

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Don’t know!, €270!!

wont be many if any doing it for 200 or less for an adult player

100 euro for an adult full member. I hope nobody from our committee see’s this thread mind you!!


I’d say it’s to pay for there new star signing!!

ever think of the running costs in Dublin? you should.

Most clubs have them published on their website. Judes are €200 for full playing adult. €100 increase in a year seems steep.

€270 is steep. That member who plays for them. He’s been involved in that club a long long time. Said he won’t play anymore or pay that.

200 is the average. Running costs in Dublin are astronomical compared to the rest of Ireland

divide 270 by 52 and ask yourself how many pints you drink every week

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230 for us. Senior Club. Going up every year. I wonder if it will ever stop…

220 for ourselves, does include 50 quid credit for the bar though, which certainly comes in handy

€130 for an Adult player

€4k out in Dalkey but there was murder at the AGM this year and after much protest they agreed to up it to €5k …


€200 for adult player.

This is it. Costs in Dublin are so much higher than down the country.

Agree and also depends on the facilities the club offer. Happily pay a few quid extra to train and play on descent pitches, have a warm shower etc and socialise in a descent clubhouse. All costs.

A fiver a week . That’s all.

To me for what you get out of it- it’s great value


How strict are clubs at implementing the fees? Would they stop a player from playing if not paid up? refuse entry to the AGM etc…

Agree 100%. Peanuts compared to some tennis, golf, swimming memberships etc.

Some lads don’t mind paying €5 a week to play Astro soccer but give out when asked to pay the same a week to their GAA club.