Mentoring Juveniles

Just wondering what people here think about underage mentors staying with teams up through the age groups. It’s often parents that get involved very early with their kids and then move up through the age groups with them. I heard a very interesting story at the w/e how a hugely successful mentor was pushed aside when the team got to U16 - more politics than anything. Some have the view that a regular change is good as it freshens things up and introduces new voices to the kids.

Is there a set policy in clubs? Especially the larger clubs with multiple underage teams. Be interested to hear how these things are handled in the various clubs.

Can work both ways. Parents that coach teams from under 10 can become slightly outdated and stale and a new face for a team once they hit 15 or 16 can be great. Also that’s the age when kids really stop listening to their parents. But if someone is doing a great job and kids are enjoying it then no need for a change for the sake of it.


Personally think it’s detrimental to the team. 3 years max for me

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Agree completely. Never spent more than three years with a team. Have seen some pretty poor endings where people have stayed longer. The older a team gets the worse an idea it is to have parents involved too. Can end badly as well.

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Three years is plenty, for both mentors and kids! Let a fresh voice in.


problem is in most clubs to get someone in to take over. i know some vicarious parents want to hang on for dear life but in most cases parents are only involved to ensure team survival

[quote=“Lostcause, post:6, topic:2067”]
but in most cases parents are only involved to ensure their little Johnny gets his fame … [/quote]

Indeed …

Vins took the 16 championship today for the first time since 2002. New management made a huge difference in my view. They’ve gone from a team that looked uninterested to being a very well drilled, committed bunch. A change of voice always helps. Especially when things aren’t going well. Sometimes you just have to walk away and let someone else have a go,


Anyone we know take them over Alan?

One of the senior footballers, Craig Wilson and Sean L’Estrange. Have done a great job with them.

We should get a few seniors out of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great footballing team and, as important, disciplined and committed.
Credit to management as well with modern progressive approach.
Certainly great SF promise in a lot of today’s team.


I’ve kind of dipped in/out of being involved with my son and it works better but living outside Dublin in a small community, we wouldn’t really have the luxury of having a policy on this.

On a side note, again from a smaller county point-of-view, the value of county development squads is something I’d be more concerned about. I heard Brolly having a go about it too yesterday, I’d tend to agree with him on this one. Smaller clubs suffer from having lads involved as it can create a ‘them and us attitude’ with young fellas and very often they are not training at all with their clubs.

When you see minor county sides getting taking a hammering from Dublin playing some type of blanket defence, you begin to wonder what it’s all about. Would these lads that have been in development squads for a few years not have been better off playing with their clubs and just coming together for minor level?

I heard Brolly too and I agree with him totally on this issue. I’ve gone full circle on development squads. Against initially. Then somewhat convinced. Now I’m against them again. You are absolutely correct. In a lot of counties they are terribly divisive and take players away from clubs at far to young an age. They shouldn’t start until at least U16 in my view.

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Interesting to note that both Vincents and Boden from this years u-16A championship final were both relegated from u-13 division 1. Just goes to show that division 1 u-13 isn’t the be all and end all no matter how many headbangers you have on the sideline shouting at you that it is!!!


this should be highlighted to every juvenile mentor in dublin…

What’s more interesting is it’s not a one off. We had a team relegated to U14 Div 2 a few years back. They bounced back to reach (but not win) the 15 and 16 finals in the following two years. Two of them start for the seniors now!

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bigger picture / longer road has to be imposed on mentors by club officials…


Can we just go ahead and put this lad in the Great Name Hall of Fame!! :sunglasses:

Is this the first time a Division 2 team has won the A Championship?

I couldn’t be certain but it’s very likely. I was involved with a Vins U15 team which won in 2003. The final was agains Judes, who were division 2 at the time and they gave us our fill of it for the whole game.

The 16s are not really a division 2 team. Things simply weren’t right re: getting the best out of them in the last few years and they were relegated last year. Things would be much better now. They beat last years 15 champions Sylvesyers in the first round then Crokes, Thomas Davis and Ballyboden. Not an easy run. If they keep developing there’s a lot that could be got out of them when they move into adult football.

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