Mentoring Juveniles

When do the leagues start for u8-12’s football and hurling…have they started already or do they start after Christmas?

U.9s Started back few weeks ago.

For football hurling or for both? When does it go on until June?

Both. FInishes late October. New year begins early February.

Right so it goes from February to October?

Yes. From an age point of view it’s the calendar year. There can be different competitions played at different times of the year.

Sound thanks

I am totally against these development squads until lads hit 15 or 16. The format for the Easter competition from a few years ago when N/E leagues played against S/E and West was a super competition ran around Easter. The same could be done at U/14 to introduce lads to each other and give a taste of what it would be like.

On the original post I think clubs need to be more involved in what is happening, more in tune with the teens. Our club doesnt have policy on this but ther era a group in the club who rotate around U/14 - Minorand the aim is to develop skills, fitness and game play play. It seldom works that people can come all the way through from U/8 to minor but that said 2 of our best ever juvenile teams done exactly that. But you had 3 very different people involved in coaching and a manager who brought it all together.
What I see now involved in a lot of clubs (including my own) are people who are only there to look after their own kids and ego’s. I hear this at work from lads in other clubs also. But not all clubs have people willing to put in the time.