Michael 'Ducksy' Walsh

Very sad to hear of the death of legendary handballer Michael ‘Ducksy’ Walsh, at the age of just 50. Apparently he fell ill after a tournament in Cavan at the weekend and passed away today.


He was something else to watch in his prime. Awful shock for it to happen so suddenly.

Thoughts with his family and friends. RIP

Sad & shocking to hear, even moreso when it’s a sportsman who passes away so young. Even if you weren’t into handball, you knew the name Ducksy Walsh. May he RIP.

Stevie Madden (rip) of St. Paul’s GAC in Belfast was a terrific handballer. Won a fair few AI medals that he kept in the ashtray of his van. Had the pleasure of being friends with Stevie for a lot of years. He reckoned Ducksy was unbeatable on his day.
RIP Ducksy.

A legendary name from one of the less glam but still great Irish sports. RIP, will always be part of my sporting life, memories of reports, and so many achievements

RIP Ducksy!