Minor championship 2019

Does anyone have the fixtures list to the minor hurling and football championship 2019??

Your club secretary will have the full list of draws and dates.


Crokes best Lucan 1-18 to 1-17. Not sure how Lucan were the better team for most of the game. Cracking game. Both teams should go through anyway

Vincent’s lost by four. Puts them on the back foot a little.

Td Castlenock drew which puts both through from that group. Castlenock as winners

Vins our despite hammering OPER. Never a good idea to leave your fate in others’ hands.

What was the final score there?

Harps 0-16 Clontarf 0-14

Thomas Davis must be good enough to win this if they can get close to Castleknock.

By all accounts td were the better team and led for the whole game. Ref was apparently poor, Fionn murray was black carded in the first half also. I think td meet crokes now? Can anyone confirm the quartfinal line up

A very good team. We won 16 two years ago beating them easily. We’ve gone back but there’s no doubt they have come on enormously. They’ll be a major challenge for anyone thinking of winning the thing out.

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For sure, TD beat Vins away and only denied a win away to castleknock by a goal in injury time. + Fiona murray blackcarded in 1st half

CK V TD was a cracking game. CK kept going and I think deservedly got a draw.

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Referee was very poor today in CK vs TD game, a tangle of legs between the TD and CK player whilst TD had a promising counter attack, shouldn’t have stopped the game for it but reaction from the TD player probably was the reason for the black

Mun beaten by Lucan today in A champo. Lost last day out to Crokes by 2 away, so was all to play for! Lucan were stronger in patches, but not a lot between the teams. Our lads were very competitive this year in the champo, which we’re quite happy with, as it’s their first time playing A champo. A couple of very fine players coming through and a credit to the coaching they have gotten over the last few years, always improving! I know the lads are feeling a bit down, but they have a lot to be proud of.

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Castleknock were very poor today.
Gave away an awful lot of ball , passing was poor and our best players werent at the races.

We were 9 down at one stage in 2nd half.
Can only improve on that performance

I hope you didn’t mean that? I mean these are 17/18 year olds. Big names shouldn’t even be mentioned FFS. Hopefully it was just a poorly worded line.


TD are a good side. To draw after being 9 points down shows a measure of resilience. This tough game will stand to the lads going forward.


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