Minor Championship

Who is looking good for this years Championship, Anyone know the format ?

Near sure it’s

Donegal v Galway
Kerry v Kildare.

Considering Kerry hadn’t won in 20 yrs…they’ve now won it 2 years in a row.

Have seen the Kildare team a few times on TG4 and they look really good. Strong and mobile in most positions

I’m pretty sure he meant Dublin club football minor championship!

Crokes have looked good this year. Boden will be strong to.

When does it kick off

St Brigids have crept up the League Table in recent weeks and will have all their Dual Stars back so I would suspect that they might be the team to watch followed closely by Ballyboden
and Clontarf.

Crokes have looked good but they have no Dual Players so their full hand has been shown already…

No dual players at all?

That’s got to be a first for a minor club team.

Likely two groups of four with the top two into semis although they have done four groups of four with quarter finals in the past.

Football league games on 24th and 28th August so they would have to get a round of hurling in. Likely not to start then until second Sunday in September. Gradings should be issued in a week or two. Clontarf, Crokes and Davis way ahead of everyone else in the league. If Crokes are all football then Brigids may well suffer from being out every weekend.

With the exception of some very good individuals I don’t think Brigids are strong enough. TD’s have had a decent League after a bad start and I know majority of them are available again next year.

I haven’t seen much of Clontarf so can’t comment but by all accounts a good side.

Is it 2 groups of 4 from Div 1 for A champo? Or is there latitude to take top of Div 2, and swap them in place of bottom 2 in Div 1?

is there a policy of no dual players at minor A level in Crokes or is that just the way it has happened? I dont think that focusing on just one code necessarily makes a better team at minor club level as clubs can do well in both champoionships with dual players.

Not an Official Policy but some mavericks within who think they are County Managers and only want the purest and have their own agenda are the issue I think.

Surprising but true unfortunately.

Lets see who wins the Championship !!!

Is the still going on? :grimacing::grimacing:

Any word on when a draw might be ?

MFC Draw taking place in Parnell Park tonight

Any news of draw ?

Please post when known

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Confirmed gradings

Ballyboden look to be peaking at the right time, but such a difficult group, notice Olafs winning games lately while Thomas Davis seem to be going backwards but are still a decent side, Ballyboden/Clontarf - Thomas Davis/Na Fianna ?

any sign of fixture dates and venues etc

Kilmacud - Brigids
Syls - Clontarf

Ballymun - Na Fianna
Thomas Davis - Olafs

Boden & Lucan have a bye

Syls and clontarf drew, entertaining game. 5-11 to 4-14

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