Minor Club Football championship 2018

Proposed championship only has 8 teams with 5 Div 1 teams excluded. Slyvesters who 5-6 players with Dublin are gone along with recent winners Clontarf and last years runners up Davis’ . Seems very harsh on the 5 teams in a fairly tight league ?? 16 teams in last years championship ??

It’s a proposal. If said teams want in they can make their argument. They could go to 12 or back to 16 yet.

Is the proposal of 8 teams on a knock out basis?

Minor has been round robin for years. That’s not going to change.

A and B confirmed as 12 teams. Two groups of six. Top two into semis. Syls, Davis and Clontarf all in the A now. First round of games on 9th Sept. Hurling starts the week before.

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That’s very tough. It will be very competitive

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Thats good that common sense prevailed. I thought they might go with 4 groups of 3 if it ended up with 12 and top 2 into quarter finals but I suppose it’s more games so hopefully they can fit them all in b4 end oct - mid nov

Looking at the dates if they go week on week off it looks like the football semis would be Nov. 11th and the final on the 18th. Hopefully there are no issues with the weather or objections or draws!

Ballyboden St Endas
Ballymun Kickhams
Kilmacud Crokes
Na Fianna
Skerries Harps
St Judes
St Sylvesters
St Vincents
Thomas Davis
Whitehall Colmcille

MFC A & B - 2 Groups of six teams who play each other once.
Top 2 in each group qualify for semi-finals

  • 1 Group A v. 2 Group B and vice versa

Any changes to Minor Hurling does anyone know? Some very strong teams who could easily compete in A are in the B championship proposes gradings.

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Does anyone know when the draws themselves are on ?

how many divisions are there and any idea on who is in the lower ones

5 Divisions in total

Has anyone heard if draws took place ? Usually CCC meet Tuesday nights ?

No details sent to Clubs from CCC so draws may not be done yet

Last year it was a week before champ. So I’d say another 2 weeks at least!! Pity they couldn’t take an extra hour and complete it last Tuesday

Any confirmation of the minor fball and hurling draws? They were done last night.

Nothing sent out by CCC so far

Groups & fixtures for 9th September

Anything for hurling