Minor Club Football championship 2018

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Favourites for the A Championship this year? It seems a tough group structure in that one with 12 teams and 2 groups.

Crokes. It’ll be a major shock if they don’t win it.

Whitehall a good side at this age, big and strong team

Is this that panels last year minor? Seriously strong side…

Are you just basing that on the fact that they walked away with the league Alan ?

Partly. Crokes always good at minor. And this is a good team. Whitehall will be there or thereabouts and Vincent’s too maybe but Crokes would be favourites imho.

Vins due a win - last one in 1994. Little word for Na Fianna who are usually there or thereabouts and are current champions

Are Na Fianna favorites for this again?

Wouldn’t have thought so. They’ve come back into the pack at minor and below now.

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Crokes seem obvious favs with 11 of 11 in league but Vincents and couple of others will be challenging them. Vincents and Crokes in same group. Lost to Crokes by 4-5points in league but shipped 4 goals on the day.
Not hugely knowlegable on Vincents team but I think they’ll be better next year.
Seems to be 5-6 excellent senior football prospects in 1st year minors (good footballers but big as well) and being honest that’s the key thing long term to get from minor, the 3-4 additions to backfill SF panel. (though getting more than 10-15% of minor players to stick into adult football would be priority)


They’re a good team but young. Next year they’ll be better. Certainly three or four who’ll make senior. They’ll give it a rattle but it might be beyond them this year.

Couple of unexpected results in minor championship today ? Vins beaten by Clontarf, Naf beaten by Boden, Jude’s beaten by Thos Davis …

Lot of teams close together in ability this year. Vins more likely to feature next year I would say.

Very impressed with Crokes this morning - they have a very strong bench too

I do think they’ll win it out.

Wouldn’t agree Boden beating Na Fianna was unexpected but that’s only based on what I saw during the league

Crokes were impressive particularly in 2nd half

Only basing my opinion on where Vins finished in league vs Clontarf and the fact that Vins won 16 championship. Naf looked better than Boden in League and Thos Davis were one of weakest teams in league whereas Jude’s took a couple of scalps. Gavin said that, championship completely different.

Clontarf were 5 from 5 before the summer I think? Obviously like what happens at minor they lost a few lads, exams and what not, so not suprised they are strong. Thomas Davis bet Judes in the league well enough so not suprised by that either. Crokes look the strongest team by a distance.