Minor Club Hurling 2017

Division 1 redrawn after round 1. Only six teams in Division 1 now. Whitehall and Castleknock gone to Division 2 after just one game. Poor show.

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A farce

Knock are never a div 1 side this year!

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Right decision.
Putting Castleknock in Div. 1 was a ridiculous move.
The 2nd year minors were a div 3 hurling team and 1st year minors mid table in div 2.
They requested div 2 but why they were put in 1 is beyond me.
Far stronger teams in div 2 that could play up

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I don’t know the ins and outs but I wouldn’t be in favour of regrading Division 1 after one round. And it’s a real indictment of minor hurling this year that we have only six clubs in the whole city willing and capable of playing in Division 1

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Just looked at last year. How can Castleknock go from finishing 2nd in Div 3, be put in Div 1 this year? You had top five in Div 2 last year within 6pts of each other, and they promote you above them.
How can DCB stand over that? That bad treatment of Castleknock @TheKnock15 and as Alan said makes mockery of Minor Hurling this year.

So whats the craic with this weekends fixtures??

@CDG @TheKnock15 So it was decided to redraw Div 1 and not let you know about fixtures due in 3days ?

That’s unbelievable lads. What was the reason for the change in the first place?

New fixtures were sent out yesterday.


I didnt see them Liam, I’ll chase them up.

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Lads. Does anyone have a copy of the new fixtures. I cannot contact our secretary and haven’t seen the new fixtures/leagues.


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Lads. Does anyone have a copy of the new fixtures. I cannot contact our secretary and haven’t seen the new fixtures/leagues.


Home team named first

Div 1
Crokes v Boden
Na Fianna v Cuala
Vins v Lucan

Div 2 North

Isles v Barrog
Plunketts v Whitehall
Craobh v Mearnog
Raheny bye

Div 2 South

Faughs v Ballinteer
Isles of the Sea v Jude’s
Boden v Castleknock

All likely to be off due to weather!!!


Thanks Alan

So does this mean even less games or are they giving us a double round of fixtures? 5 league matches would be disgraceful in division 1 and 6 games in division 2

I’ve no idea. I am also hearing that Barrog may now be in Division 1.

That’s not confirmed but it’s an awful mess if it does come to pass.


Is there any update on the situation here?

SIx teams. No Barrog. I really hope it’s a double round.

It’s a shambles

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Since the leagues were changed are they now classed as a fresh start? For example, we played Craobh in the first game of the original league and both teams are down to play only 5 games in the new league without playing each other in the new league, where as Barrog played Faughs in the original league structure and are down to play 6 games in the new structure. Now i know it is only one game in the difference but this is a vital age for keeping lads playing. Lads at this age want games and giving them 6 games over a season will drive them away. Football league is the exact same

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I really hope so too. Lads just want games!