Minor Club Hurling 2018

More games for teams this season which is a positive


Great so see Raheny, Whitehall, Isles, Thomas Davis having strong gradings, challenging other clubs who have been providing the bulk of Dublin’s hurlers over the last number of years.


Divsion 1 teams last year had a double round and ten games. This year they get 9 :frowning:

Well that shows the imbalance of last year. Some teams barely only got 5 games.






There is an extra team in north city from the original list. Cu Chuallainn. Anyone know who this is a mix of? I am hoping one of the teams is Setanta or there will be a few lads not able to hurl for the year due to first year minors not allowed play junior/senior

Setanta are with Craobh Chiaráin this year.

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Odd combination geographically. But needs must I suppose. At least lads will get to hurl.

4km from one clubhouse to another. Sure, there are some single clubs within the county that easily cover such ranges.


Good stuff.

I know 4km is not a huge distance separating them. It’s just that there are a fair few clubs between them.
I didn’t see Parnells or O Tooles with a team. Would have thought Ciaráns would be closer to those 2 for an amalgamation. Sure Ciaráns and Parnells teamed up for a few years about 10 years ago. Can’t remember what that amalgamation was called.
Although there are no other small clubs in as close proximity to Setanta.
Who are Thomas Clarke Gaels? Parnells/O Tooles???

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Ciarans and Parnells were St Davids.

Correct about Thomas Clarke Gaels

Ah yes…St. Davids. Should’ve remembered that.
Cheers that would explain the Setanta - Ciarans amalgamation.

When Setanta was just a Juvenile Club our older players played with the old Kilmore Club and then we had quite a few who played with Craobh Chiaráin,one with Vincents,and one with Whitehall until we had our own adult team.We also had five or six who played with Parnells at Minor level when we couldn’t field a team.Last year we had a few with Isles.


Quite a selection of clubs there. Just goes to show how hard people in Setanta have worked to keep young lads hurling into adulthood. A club I admire greatly.


Absolutely great credit due

Are kilmore gone altogethrr . Jim Fahy and John Madden would have both played duboin minor football early 80s if memory Is right

49 minor hurling teams is pretty good I’d imagine…deffo way more teams than when I played minor back in the early 90s! Good to see such a spread of clubs fielding teams too, especially the likes of counsel, marks, Kevin’s, crumlin, clanna gael and a few other clubs from working class Dublin.

Dublin hurling had gone a bit posh in the last decade or two…would be great to have these clubs produce a few county players in the future!


Gone since the early 90s if I recall

They had a load of lads played minor in both codes for Dublin.
Their IFC winning team from 1989 would have had at least 10 lads who played minor football for Dublin, I’d wager. Add in Paddy Power (albeit coming to the end of his playing careers) who I think played senior football for Clare.

Off the top of my head, Fahy and Madden previously mentioned, Brian Burke, Martin Cooke, Brendan Cooke, John Salmon I think all played minor. Noel Carter might have been another. I am fairly sure there were more.

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