Minor Club Hurling 2018

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Must set up a catchment area thread

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Bigger than who though? If it’s Vincents, obviously not, Crokes and Cuala would have bigger areas IMO.

Alan, you may be right as that was when KK were at their pomp and maybe we just never reached the heights we were capable of or the Dublin hurling was just not at the level of other county championships, it’s all for debate really.

Crokes? Debatable. Cuala? I reckon not. They have Dalkey and maybe some of Dun Laoghaire and Shankill. Compared to Knocklyon, Firhouse, Ballyboden and a lot of Rathfarnham?

As I said, I have a lot of respect for what BBSE have achieved but they are doing so with one of the largest catchment areas in the country, never mind the county.

The great debaters… what has this got to do with Minor Hurling!!
@alanoc this is your fault :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Personally I think there is room for another club in terms of catchment. Especially now that theres a new Gaelscoil in Churchtown on the grounds of the Old Notre Dame school. Unfortunately there’s no capacity for pitches unless they used the Hockey pitch in the Gaelscoil and negotiated with CUS in Leeson St for use of their rugby grounds on Bird Avenue. BTW Dundrum/ Churchtown produced John Treacey father of David Treacey.

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Biggest catchment area in Dublin is South Inner City. 50K population. No pitches though.

Swords has over 60k but that’s for another thread

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All of this is for another thread.

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Which was already set up. It has made its way to the Metrolink thread somehow

A year too early for minor but our U16 team were due to play Ballinteer in the U16 division 2 last night but were given a walkover. Apparently the Ballinteer manager rang to say they have a panel of over 30 at that age but only around 10 want to play hurling. Hopefully this is not an issue that will happen with more clubs. Clontarf have also pulled out of this league but they do have two minor hurling teams so perhaps their 16s are playing 3 years of minor

NaFianna score 5-20 not 10

Defences on top in that game

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Last round of games for minor hurling is next Sunday 15th before a 6 week break until championship. Stil 4 rounds to be played in both south and north div 2 leagues that will probably never be played. That will mean only 4 games in the space of 3 weeks for the entire summer!. It’s no wonder lads just drop off at minor level and stop playing . Further proves the blatant disregard to hurling at minor level in Dublin. There is no reason why at least 2 of these games can’t be played over the 6 weeks.

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Clubs had the chance to put minor under the remit of CCC2. They should have. It’s lost at adult level.


Couldn’t agree more Alan,

It’s lunacy

Just makes no sense at all not to be playing hurling in the summer months. Between the revised leagues and fixtures it’s very hard to get lads up to play on a weekly basis. God only knows what way they will structure the championship! Grading teams based on league positions after 4/5 matches including 3 matches straight after the leaving where teams are missing loads of players due to holidays. Also Dublin minors haven’t being playing either.

Take a look at the recent results and see how many minor games have actually been played. It’s all very well CCC fixing games and getting results - mostly through walk overs - to finish out leagues. That does nothing for the game or for the improvement of hurling or football players.
Like it or not holidays are a huge factor with minors. Many still go away with their family for weeks and don’t be available to play with their Clubs. The fixtures breaking this week is just the CCC facing up to that reality.

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